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Starting in October, LINEPay can be used to pay municipal tax and other bills

Contact: Payment Receipts Division – Phone: 7167-1122, Fax: 7167-3203

Starting in October, LINEPay, a payment method through the LINE smartphone app, can be used to pay city taxes such as Municipal and Prefectural Tax and Property Tax, as well as National Health Insurance, Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, etc. In order to use the payment method, you will need to register with LINE. Please make use of this convenient, 24-hour service that allows you to make payments anytime, and anywhere.

For more information, such as which city taxes can be paid using LINEPay, please visit the city website


▲You can access the city homepage through this link.

How to make payments

1. Open the LINE app. In the “Wallet” tab, select “Scan Bill”. Read the information, and click “Continue”

2. Using the code reader, scan the bar code on the payment form.

3. Confirm the details of the bill, and make the payment.

4. Enter your password, and the payment is complete.

A shared system to pay local tax is now operational

Contact: Payment Receipts Division – Phone: 7167-1122

Payment of taxes for local governing associations nationwide can now be made using your computer or smartphone at your home or office.

Applicable taxes

Municipal and Prefectural Tax (special collection through salary), Corporate Body Municipal Tax, and Business Facility Tax.

◎For information on how to use the system, please visit the website for the payment system you wish to use.

Applications will be accepted for authorization of the Seniors’ Disability Deduction

Contact: Senior Citizens’ Support Division – Phone: 7167-1134

Payment of taxes for local governing associations nationwide can now be made using your home computer or smartphone.


Those who meet all of the following criteria are eligible;

▶Have received authorization for nursing care

▶65 years of age or older

▶Do not have a Disabled Person’s Passbook

▶The applicant or their dependent relatives are not exempt from Residents’ Tax.

Where to obtain an application form

Senior Citizens’ Support Division (City Hall Annex, 2nd Floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), Community Comprehensive Support Center.

Applications can be downloaded from the city homepage.

How to apply

Complete all required parts of the application form. Mail the completed form to the Kashiwa City Hall, Senior Citizens’ Support Division, postal code 277-8505. Applications may also be submitted in person at any location where they are distributed.


In some cases, you may not be eligible for the deduction even though you have authorization for nursing care. 

Oral cancer examinations

Contact: Kashiwa Dental Association – Phone: 7147-6500

Public Health Center, Health Promotion Division – Phone:     7167-1256

The recovery rates for oral cancer increase with early detection and treatment. Please take this opportunity to have your examination done.

Date and time

Sunday, November 10, 9:30am to noon 


Kashiwa Community Medical Coordination Center


Anyone who has concerns about their oral health. Up to 200 people.

Examination details

An oral cancer screening will be done by visual examination and palpation by an oral surgeon.


Please send a postcard to the Kashiwa Dental Association, to be received by the application deadline. On the postcard, include all of the required information listed below. You may also apply directly at a medical office that is registered with the Kashiwa Dental Association.

For more information, please visit the Kashiwa Dental Association website.

Required information (to apply by postcard)

1. “Oral cancer examination request”

2. Postal code and address

3. Name

4. Age

5. Phone number (fax number if you have difficulty using the phone)

6. Your return address on the reply side (if you are using a return postcard)

Mailing address

Postal code 277-0845, Toyoshikidai 1-1-118, Kashiwa Dental Association


Friday, October 25

If the number of applications exceeds the number of spaces available, applications will be selected by draw.

Flu vaccine for seniors

Contact: Public Health Center, Health Promotion Division – Phone: 7128-8166

Participating facilities and schedules

▶Designated medical facilities in Kashiwa City = Friday, January 31

▶Participating prefectural vaccination facilities = Tuesday, December 31


Those who meet either of the following criteria

▶65 years of age or older

▶60 to 64 years of age, with a level 1 disability with the function of the heart, kidney, respiratory system or immune system. (You will need to submit a copy of the Physical Disability Passbook or a diagnosis certificate issued by a doctor.)


1,500 yen


Contact your preferred medical facility ahead of time. Bring your health insurance card, and go to the medical facility directly for your vaccination.


▶People from households receiving public assistance are exempt from the out-of-pocket cost. (Please bring your Public Assistance Certificate.)

▶Pre-vaccination forms are available at medical facilities inside the city, and some medical facilities outside the city as of this fiscal year. There is no need to obtain a form ahead of time.

For more information on medical facilities providing flu vaccines, please visit the Kashiwa City website.



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