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Automated certificate issuance machines will be removed from use

Contact: Citizens’ Division – Phone: 7167−1128

 The automated certificate issuance machines that are situated in the Kashiwa City Hall and the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center have become obsolete, and will be removed at the end of September. After the removal of the machines, please obtain certificates from the municipal service counters, or use your My Number Card with the convenience store certificate issuance system at a nearby convenience store.

For more information, please visit the city website, or contact the Citizens’ Division.

Publication of the Kashiwa City Living Guide

Contact: Public Information Division – Phone: 7167-1175

The Kashiwa City Living Guide is a booklet with information regarding city services and facilities, and it will be made available by the city.

Date of availability

Tuesday, October 1

Where to obtain a copy

Public Information Division (City Hall Main Building, 3rd Floor), Citizens’ Division (City Hall Main Building, 1st Floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Branch Office, 1st Floor), Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, Branch offices, Kinrin Community Centers, Pallette Kashiwa, etc. 

Who can receive a copy

People who have moved in to Kashiwa City, or those who are interested in receiving a copy of the Kashiwa City Living Guide.


You can also view the Kashiwa City Living Guide on the city website.

Please see the city website for more information.

The Child Development Support Center is accepting childrens’ enrollment for the next fiscal year

Contact: Kids Room Himawari - Phone: 7128−2224 (3:00pm – 5:15pm), Little Pegasus – Phone: 7157−0302 (9:00am – 5:00pm)


Children with an intellectual or developmental disability who were born between April 2, 2014 and April 1, 2017.

Facilities for enrollment

▶Public = Kids Room Himawari

▶Private = Little Pegasus (Koaota)

Application Deadline

Friday, October 4

For more information on how to apply, etc, please visit the website for either of the schools, or contact the schools directly.

A Financial Support System for Pensioners will begin

Contact: Japan Pension Service Financial Support phone information service – Phone: 0570−05−4092, Citizens’ Pension Office – Phone: 7167−1130

Along with the consumption tax increase, extra benefits will be added to the pension of low income earners. If you are eligible, please apply for the additional benefits.


1: Those who are receiving a Basic Old Age Pension, and who meet all of the following criteria are eligible; ▶65 years of age or older ▶All members of the household are exempt from municipal tax. ▶The total of the pension income amount and all other sources of income is 880,000 yen or less.

2: Those who are receiving a Basic Disability Pension or Basic Surviving Family Members’ Pension, and whose income amount last year was 4,620,000 yen or less.

Application for additional benefits

The Japan Pension Service will send out application forms by mail, to be delivered sequentially starting at the beginning of September. Those who meet the criteria for eligibility as of April 1, 2019 will receive an application form. Please fill out the included post card, and return it to the Japan Pension Service.

If you are eligible for additional benefits as of April 2, 2019 or later, please consult with the service counter staff when you make your pension claim.


The benefits will be paid in December for the first October/November pension period.



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