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Preparations for new students starting school


Regarding enrollment outside of the designated school area = Schools and Education Division – Phone: 7191-7367, Fax: 7191-1212

Regarding health checks for starting school = School Health Division – Phone: 7190-5781, Fax: 7191-1212

Entering a school outside of your designated school area

  If your child is scheduled to start elementary or junior high school in April of next year, and you would like to enroll your child in a school outside of your designated school area (an elementary or junior high school other than the one that has been designated for your child), please confirm the following information, and then complete the application form. (A notice of school enrollment will be sent to you in mid-September, informing you of your child’s designated school, so please confirm the name of the school when you receive the notice.) A special reason is required for entering a school outside of your designated school area, such as plans to move to a new residence in the new school area. At this time, some schools have limitations on enrollment. The time period for enrollment applications may also be different depending on the school that you would like your child to enter.

1. Schools that do not accept enrollment from outside the school area

▶︎Elementary Schools = Kashiwa Dai-Ichi, Kashiwa Dai-Ni, Yutaka, Asahi-Higashi, Matsuba Dai-Ni, Kazahaya-Hokubu, Takayanagi, Takayanagi-Nishi, Kashiwanoha

▶Junior High Schools = Kashiwa, Takayanagi, Kashiwanoha

If your child has an older brother or sister enrolled at the school as of April 1st of next year, you may apply for enrollment between Tuesday, September 17 and Tuesday, October 15. (Not including Kashiwanoha Elementary and Junior High School.)

2. Schools that are accepting a limited number of enrollment applications

▶︎Elementary Schools = Kashiwa Dai-San, Kashiwa Dai-Yon, Kashiwa Dai-Go, Kashiwa Dai-Roku, Hikarigaoka, Tanaka, Tomise, Asahi, Sakaine-Higashi, Matsuba Dai-Ichi, Toyofuta

▶︎Junior High Schools = Kashiwa Dai-Ni, Kashiwa Dai-Go, Toyoshiki

Application Period

Tuesday, September 17 to Tuesday, October 15

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of enrollment spaces available, enrollment will be selected by draw.

The results of the draw will be available on Wednesday, October 30, on the Kashiwa City website.

3. Schools not listed in part 1 and 2

Application Period

Tuesday, September 17 to Friday, January 31 of next year.

Items relevant to all applications

How to apply

Applications must be made in person at the Schools and Education Division (Shonan Building, 2nd Floor) by the child’s parent or guardian, or by a relative.

Applications will not be accepted by mail.

【Items to bring】

If you wish to make the application because you plan to move, bring a document that shows your new address. (Copies of documents such as the construction certificate, purchase or rental contract will be accepted.)

Notification of results

Once the application for enrollment in a school outside of your district is accepted, the Schools and Education Division will send you a notice of enrollment for that school.

For more information, please visit the city website.

Health check-ups for starting school

 Health check-ups will be done for children who will be entering elementary school in April of next year. Health check-up notices will be included with the notices for school enrollment. Please confirm the schedule and location of your child’s health check-up, and have the check-up done. Please contact us if you do not receive a notice in the mail.

Health check-up dates

A designated date for your child’s school will be scheduled between the end of October and the end of November.


The elementary school where your child is scheduled to be enrolled.


Children who were born between April 2, 2013 and April 1, 2014.

Items to bring

The completed health check-up questionnaire, your Mother and Child Health Handbook, and indoor shoes.


▶Please make sure the child has finished lunch, and come to the health check location within the reception hours.

▶The child and parent or guardian must be together when waiting in line, and going to the reception desk.

▶Make sure the child is dressed in clothing on his or her upper body that he or she can put on and take off unassisted.

▶Coming by car will not be permitted.

Please visit the city website for more information.

September 1 is Disaster Management Day – Preparedness and Knowledge in the Event of a Disaster

Contact: Disaster Management and Safety Division – Phone: 7167-1115, Fax: 7163-2188

  September 1 is Disaster Management Day. We do not know where or when a disaster will occur. In order to protect yourself, your family and your home from a disaster, it is important to prepare ahead of time.

Know how to handle a disaster situation when you are away from home

  If public transportation facilities are stopped due to a large-scale disaster, do not move from place to place unnecessarily. If large numbers of people start to move at the same time, there is a risk of injury. Please be aware of the following points, and make safety your first priority as you choose your plan of action carefully based on the situation at hand.

Ensure your own safety

  If an earthquake occurs, stay in a safe place, such as under a table, until the shaking settles down. Choose a place where things will not fall on you, tip over on you, or move towards you.

Do not panic – stay in a safe place

  If you start to move from place to place unnecessarily, there is a danger of being injured by falling objects from fires or buildings. Make sure you know where to find temporary evacuation shelters, as well as the route home on foot, and prepare emergency supplies at your workplace.

Check on the whereabouts of your family members, and the safety of your home

  Use the Emergency Message Dial 171 to contact your friends and family members, and check on their whereabouts. Take advantage of the system trial dates on the 1st and 15th of every month, and learn how to use the message system ahead of time.

Get information on the operational status of transportation facilities and roads

  Information on trains and roads can be obtained through the prefectural disaster management portal site, as well as the websites of each train company.

Register with Kashiwa City Disaster Management Welfare “K-Net”

  “K-Net” provides support to people (those requiring support) who are evacuating alone, and experiencing difficulty. Those who have received approval ahead of time can provide their information to the neighborhood association. The neighborhood association informs people in the neighborhood of the address of the person requiring support. In the event of a disaster, the people in the neighborhood can use this information to check on the whereabouts of the person requiring support, and to help with evacuation or rescue. If you may have difficulty evacuating alone, please register with “K-Net”.

For more information, please visit the Kashiwa City website.

▲Please access the website through this link for more information.

Kashiwa Bus Tour

Contact: Cross-Cultural Center – Phone: 7157-0281

Date and time

Saturday, October 5, 9:15am to 3:30pm

Meeting and return location

Kashiwa City Hall, Main Building, 1st Floor Lobby


People living, working or attending school in Kashiwa City. Up to 22 people may attend.


Hands-on sausage-making experience, old home tour, and more.


200 yen


By Tuesday, September 10, please send the following information, including the number of participants, to the Cross-Cultural Center. You may apply through email (boshu-2@kira-kira.jp) or in person.

If there are more applicants than spaces available, participants will be selected by draw.

【Information required to apply by email or in person】

1. The name of the class or event you are applying for

2. Your postal code and address

3. Your name (in furigana)

4. Your age

5. Your phone number (if it is difficult to use the phone, please include your fax number)



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