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Financial support for single-parent households - payment of Dependent Child Allowance

  Contact: Child Welfare Division – Phone: 7167-1595, Fax: 7162-1077

Submission of the current situation report

  Information will be sent to those who are eligible to receive Dependent Child Allowance, and who are required to submit a current situation report. The current situation of the household is verified using this report. Submission of the current situation report is required to receive Dependent Child Allowance payments.

Submission deadline

  Friday, August 30


  Please complete the required parts of the current situation report form that you received in the mail. Bring the completed form directly to the Child Welfare Division (City Hall Annex, 3rd floor), or the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Branch Office, 1st Floor)

Evening and holiday reception counters will be available


▶Evening reception counters = Thursday, August 15, Tuesday, August 20, and Friday, August 30, open from 5:15pm to 8:00pm       

▶Holiday reception counters = Sunday, August 18, open from 9:00am to 5:00pm


  Child Welfare Division, Reception Desk Service Division

Payment of temporary and special benefits

  In October, there will be a consumption tax increase. Along with this change of tax rate, temporary and special benefits will be provided for single parents who have never entered a civil marriage, and are receiving dependent child allowance payments.

Application deadline

  Friday, January 31 of next year

Amount of benefits paid

  17,500 yen per household


  Those who meet both of the following requirements are eligible

▶Have never entered a civil marriage

▶Are not currently in a common-law marriage.


  Application forms will be sent to those who are eligible.

For application instructions and other information, please see the city website, or contact us.

Come and see some local traditional events

  Contact: Culture Division – Phone: 7191-7414, or Fax: 7190-0892

In Kashiwa City, there are traditional events that go back many years, and are carefully protected by the residents of the local areas. During the festival-filled summer holidays, you can enjoy the local traditional events too. Bring your family and friends!

Oomuro Bon Tsuna-hiki Tug-of-War

  As a Buddhist prayer for harvest and the spirits of ancestors, east and west are divided as a 20-meter rope is pulled between two teams in a tug of war. This event is designated as an Intangible Cultural Property of Kashiwa City.

Date and time

  Thursday, August 15, 6:00pm to 8:00pm


  Oomuro Furusato Center


▶A 20-minute walk from Kashiwa Tanaka Station

▶From Kashiwa Station West Exit, take the bus bound for Kashiwa Municipal High School – Kashiwa Tanaka Station, and get off at the “Oomuro” bus stop. The event is a 10-minute walk from there.

◎Please see the Kashiwa City website for more information.

The 3-Lion Dance in Shikoda

  This event to pray for a rich harvest and safety in the home has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Property in Chiba Prefecture. The heads of the “shi-shi”, or lions used in the dance, are made in the image of a dragon to represent the dragon spirit.

Date and time

  Friday, August 16, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm


  Saikouin Temple (Shikoda)


  From the West Exit of Kashiwa Station, take the City Loop – Takada Shako- Kashiwanoha Koen – National Cancer Research Center bus, and get off at the “Sangen” bus stop. The event is a 5-minute walk from there.

For more information, please see the Kashiwa City website.



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