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The season for heavy rain and typhoons is here! Try these 3-day preparation ideas to protect yourself

Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division – Phone: 7167-1115, Fax: 7163-2188

Almost one year has passed since the heavy rainfall and flooding that occurred in West Japan in July of 2018. Are you sure that your home is safe? In this newsletter, we will give you some ways to prepare and protect yourself. These preparations can be done in as little as 3 days!

Before you start your 3-day preparations

Evacuation facilities and evacuation route simulation

Check the flooding and urban flooding hazard maps to find out which evacuation facilities you should use, and which evacuation routes you should take in the event of an emergency.

Points to watch out for on the evacuation route

□ Old signboards and trees with branches about to break→ Potential hazard of falling objects.

□ Are the tree branches and electrical cables hanging low? → Potential hazard of broken electrical cables.

□ Are there no street lights?→ If you walk along this route at night, there could be potential hazards from poor visibility.

Beginning your 3-day preparations

Make sure you know how to get the information you need

Find out how to get up-to-date bulletins about the typhoon or heavy rainfall, and evacuation information. Make sure you always have the most current information at hand. Also, have your family members share their schedules so that you can keep track of everyone’s whereabouts easily.

Kashiwa e-mail distribution service

This service distributes email with a variety of information from Kashiwa City. By choosing the “Disaster and Emergency Information category, you will be able to check the latest information during an emergency situation.

How to register: Send a blank email to kashiwacity@emp.ikkr.jp or use the following QR code.


▲E-mail distribution service QR code

Yahoo! Emergency Information App

The “Yahoo! Emergency Information App” (Yahoo! 防災速報アプリ) for smartphones allows you to check emergency information from the city. Download the app and learn how to use it ahead of time.

Emergency Broadcast System - “Panza-Mast” Speaker Posts

There are 190 loud-speakers on posts around Kashiwa City to broadcast emergency information. To listen to the broadcast again, call 0120-280-131 within 24 hours of the broadcast.

The 2nd day of preparations

Clean your gutters

Fallen leaves and other debris tend to accumulate in drains and gutters. This prevents drains from functioning properly during heavy rainfall, and can lead to flooding. Make sure to clean your gutters.

The last day of preparations

Simple flood barriers in case of emergency

In rare situations, drains can become backed up, and start to overflow, causing flooding in homes. If you do not have sandbags, you can use plastic bags and water to make a flood barrier, and prevent your home from being flooded

How to make flood barriers

 1. Layer 2 or 3 bags inside one another to create one strong plastic bag, and then fill it with water.

 2. Use the water-filled bags to block the bath, toilet or other drains, and place them around the front door.

Use the web version of the Kashiwa City Disaster Prevention and Hazard Map at any time

With this map, you can easily see which areas of the city are vulnerable to flooding, earthquakes or landslides, and what the situation may be like during a disaster. The estimated damage from both waterway flooding, and urban flooding situations is shown for each area on the flooding hazard map.

 Urban flooding = Flooding that occurs when the amount of rainfall exceeds the capacity of drainage ditches and sewer pipes.

Kashiwa City Hazard Map - web version

Please see the Kashiwa City website.


▲Access the Kashiwa City website here.

 The Flooding Hazard Map is available

Locations with hazard maps available

Disaster Prevention and Safety Division (City Hall, Main Building, 2nd floor), Administrative Materials Office (City Hall, Main Building, 1st floor), Shonan Branch General Affairs Office,  (Shonan Building, 1st floor), Kinrin Community Centers.

The map can also be downloaded from the Kashiwa City website (Japanese version only).

Changes will be made to the flood and landslide emergency information system

Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division - Phone: 7167-1115, Fax: 7163-2188

Beginning in June, the Evacuation Information that begins the evacuation process in the event of a disaster will use Warning Levels as an announcement from the Japan Meteorological Agency. The warning levels are to be used as a basis to determine the best timing for evacuation. With your family, please discuss the appropriate action to take for each warning level, and be prepared to make decisions smoothly in the event of a disaster.

Warning Level

Evacuation Action

Evacuation Information

Information from the Japan Meteorological Agency

Warning Level 5

A disaster has occurred. Keeping everyone safe is the utmost priority when taking action.

Information on the occurrence of the disaster

Information on the occurrence of flooding, torrential rainfall, etc.

Warning Level 4

Everyone must evacuate to a safe area.

Evacuation is advised/Immediate evacuation order

Landslide warning information, information on high risk of flooding, etc.

Warning Level 3

Evacuate the elderly, and those requiring more time to evacuate. Other people should prepare to evacuate.

Prepare to evacuate/Begin evacuation of the elderly, etc.

Flood alert information, information on flooding and torrential rainfall, etc.

Warning Level 2

Check evacuation activities

Warning information, etc.

Flooding/torrential rainfall warning, etc.

Warning Level 1

Be on the alert

Early warning information, etc.

Information on the occurrence of disaster

In addition to broadcasting the warning levels, Kashiwa City will closely monitor the weather conditions and forecast, and make additional evacuation announcements such as “Prepare to evacuate/Begin evacuation of the elderly”, “Evacuation is advised”, “Immediate evacuation order”, “Disaster information”, etc.

◎For more information, please contact us or visit the Kashiwa city website.

There will be changes to the process for reducing Latter Stage Elderly Medical Insurance fees

Contact; Health Insurance and Pension Division – Phone: 7191-2594, Fax: 7167-8103

There will be changes to the income-based fees reduction ratio

Those who are eligible for Latter Stage Elderly Medical Insurance fees reduction based on income, and who have been receiving a 90% reduction, will be subject to a change in the fees reduction ratio starting this year. Beginning in the fiscal year of 2019, those receiving a 90% reduction will receive an 80% reduction for the duration of the year, and the reduction ration will change to 70% in the following year.

◎Since the fees reduction ratio is 90% from April through September, and 70% from October through March, the ratio for the duration of this year will be set at 80%.

Changes to the fees reduction ratio for dependents

Starting from one day prior to entering the Latter Stage Elderly Health Insurance System, those who are the dependent of a person with employee health insurance will not be subject to a reduction in fees based on income. The amount will be reduced from a uniform reduction to a 50% reduction. The time period of the 50% reduction from the uniform reduction will be 2 years starting in this fiscal year, from the month in which the certification was obtained.



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