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Have you received any postcards that seem out of the ordinary?

Contact: Consumer Life Center – Phone: 7163-5853, Fax: 7164-4327

As part of the consumer awareness month in May, we will be highlighting some ways to deal with false billing request postcards, which have been on the increase in Kashiwa City.

If you receive a postcard, check the following points!

If the postcard has even one of the following points, it could be a false billing request!

Checkpoint 1

The billing request does not specify the details of a contract, the amount of money, or the date.

Checkpoint 2

It contains expressions that create feelings of unease and urgency.

Checkpoint 3

In order to create panic, the deadline is set for only a few days after the postcard is delivered.

Checkpoint 4

The name of the sender appears similar to that of a public organization.

Are you sure that the bill is authentic? What to do if you receive a suspicious billing postcard

Even if you realize that the bill is false, you may be defrauded of your money, or your personal information if you deal with the postcard in the wrong way. Do not panic and call the phone number written on the postcard. First of all, stay calm and think clearly. If you are still unsure, call the Kashiwa Consumer Life Center for advice.

Do not panic and call the phone number on the postcard!

If you panic and call the phone number from the contact information written on the postcard, the fraudulent organization will take your personal information. They may also refer you to a fake lawyer, who will in turn request payment on the pretext of legal fees, or withdrawal of a lawsuit. In addition, by calling the number, it may lead to another scam. Even if you are concerned about the bill, you must not call the contact number written on the postcard.

Just ignore the suspicious postcard

Postcards with a false billing request do not have specific billing information (amount of money or contract details). If you receive a bill for a product or service that you know nothing about, please leave it alone.

Email containing false billing requests is rampant! Consumer Life advisory staff have become aware of this recent trend

Every year in Kashiwa City, there are about 150 cases of people seeking advice for false billing requests received by email and SMS (short message service). These emails use the names of real businesses, and make requests for unpaid fees such as for “use of a paid website” or “payment for purchased items”. The requests are followed by a threat to begin the process for legal action if there is no reply. As in the case of postcards, do not reply or contact the sender of the suspicious email - just ignore it. If you are still concerned about the email, please contact the Kashiwa Consumer Life Center for advice.

Advisory Services

 Kashiwa City Consumer Life Center – Phone: 7164-4100

 Consumer Hotline – Phone: 188

Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates – Participating shops are welcome to register

Contact: Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates Executive Committee Office (Call Center) – Phone: 0570-018-070, Fax: 7163-0330

In Kashiwa City, Premium Gift Certificates will be available for purchase. These gift certificates can be used at restaurants, supermarkets and shops participating in the commercial association in Kashiwa City, to help lessen the effect of the consumption tax increase in October, especially for low-income or child-raising households.

As part of this initiative, we are now looking for businesses to participate by accepting Premium Gift Certificates at their shops. When business operators register as an establishment that accepts Premium Gift Certificates, they will be given a registration certificate, etc. for their shop.


Business owners operating shops and services in Kashiwa City. Large-scale shops are also eligible.

For more information on the ticket details and how to register, please see the Kashiwa City Website.



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