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We can all play an important part! Kashiwa Citizens’ Activity Festival 2019

Contact: Citizens’ Activities Support Corner – Phone: 7163-1143, Fax: 7163-1147

At this festival, 80 citizens' public interest and activities groups that are active in Kashiwa City will be showcasing their activities. There will be plenty of demonstrations and things to see.

If you are interested in trying something new in your community, come on out to our event, and find an activity that you would like to join!


Sunday, May 12, 10時am to 5時pm

Outdoor events will close at 4時pm.

Location and event details

▶︎Kashiwa Station East Exit - Double Deck and Howdy Mall street area = An introduction to the citizens' activity groups at their display booths, items for sale, etc.

▶Kashiwa Station East Exit Double Deck = A place to play for children and adults of all ages.

▶Kashiwa Station East Exit Family Hiroba open area = Traditional arts, dance and music performances, etc.

▶Palette Kashiwa = Seminars, hands-on experience opportunities, consultation, and workshops.

For more information, please visit the Kashiwa City website.


In case of rain, the events will be limited to the Palette Kashiwa building only.

Participants are welcome to enter the Teganuma Eco-Marathon

Contact: Sports Division – Phone: 7167-1133, Fax: 7167−6644

10,000 participants will run in the marathon, and enjoy the fresh breeze and beautiful scenery around Teganuma Lake.

Date and Time

Sunday, October 27, 10時am start.


Half marathon


▶Main event area (opening ceremony, etc.) = Kashiwa Furusato Park

▶Course = around Teganuma Lake


Participants must meet the following criteria:

▶At least 18 years of age, and in good health


▶Can complete a half marathon within 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Maximum number of participants

1. Kashiwa section = People who live, work or attend school in Kashiwa City – the first 3,000 applicants will be accepted.

2. General section = Everyone other than those listed in requirement 1 – the first 7,000 applicants will be accepted.


5,000 yen


1. =Friday, May 10

2. =Saturday, June 1. Applications for both sections can be done starting from 8時am on the Runnet website.


Please pay the participation fee within one week of completing your application.

Information will be sent to participants by mail at the beginning of October.

2019 Teganuma Fireworks Festival and fundraising campaign

Contact: Commerce and Industry Promotion Division – Phone: 7167-1141, Fax: 7162-0585

The Teganuma Fireworks Festival, a huge event that brings sparkle to summer in Kashiwa, will be held again this year. To keep the Teganuma Fireworks Festival going year after year, your cooperation with the fundraising campaign is greatly appreciated.

The event date has been selected


Saturday, August 3, 7時pm to 8時半pm


Teganuma Lake (Kashiwa Dai-Ichi Kaijo Event Area, Kashiwa Dai-Ni Kaijo Event Area and Abiko Kaijo Event Area)

Donations will be collected through crowdfunding

Government crowdfunding will be done using the Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) system to raise funds for the event.

How to make a donation

Make a donation by Sunday, June 30 through the Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) portal site “Furusato Choice”.

▲Access “Furusato Choice” here.


Those living outside of Kashiwa City who make a donation will be able to select the option of gallery seats for the festival in return for their donation.

Please visit the Kashiwa City website for more information.

Your cooperation is appreciated with the fundraising activities

Street fundraising kick-off event

Date and time

Sunday, June 2, 10時45分am to 12時45分pm


Kashiwa Station area

Event details

50 members of the fireworks executive committee will be calling out for donations. Kashiwa’s mascot, Kashiwani, will also be making an appearance!

Donation boxes

Donation box locations

Kashiwa City Hall, Shonan Branch Office, Kashiwa Eki-Mai Administrative Service Center, Kinrin Community Centers, Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Azuma-Kami Cho), Kashiwa City Shonan Society of Commerce and Industry (Kazahaya 1-chome), commercial establishments and convenience stores around the city.

Sunday, May 26 is Gomi-Zero Litter Clean Up Day

Contact: Environmental Service Division – Phone: 7167-1139, Fax: 7163-3728

The Gomi-Zero activities will take place along with activities on May 30 (Gomi-Zero). Litter will be cleaned up around the city. Pick up all the litter in the city, and make the environment in our community beautiful!

Date and time

Sunday, May 26, 8時半am to 10時am

May be cancelled in case of poor weather.

Litter clean up activity areas

Kashiwa, Minami-Kashiwa, and Kashiwanoha Stations, Kashiwa Furusato Park area, Kinrin Community Centers, other locations chosen by the Furusato Association, Neighborhood Associations, etc.



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