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Prevent garbage truck fires

 Contact: Nanbu Clean Center – Phone: 7173-5111, Fax: 7176-4537     

 In Kashiwa City, there have been several incidents of fires occurring in garbage trucks. The fires were caused by improper disposal of spray cans, gas cassette cartridges for stoves, lighters, and small household electronics containing lithium-ion batteries. These incidents do not only affect the garbage truck and disposal facility. The lives of the garbage disposal workers and nearby residents are also at risk. Please separate your garbage, and dispose of these items properly in order to prevent accidents.

Spray cans and gas cassette cartridges for stoves

 Make sure the contents of these items are completely used up, and the container is empty. Do not put a hole in the spray can or gas cartridge. Put them in a designated collection bag for the “Empty Cans” recycling category. If you have not completely used up the product, take the spray can or gas cartridge outside to a well-ventilated area with no nearby sparks or source of flame, and let out the remainder of the gas.


  After the lighter fluid is completely used up, put the lighter in a clear plastic bag so that the contents are visible, and dispose of it with the “Hazardous Garbage” category.

Lithium-ion batteries from small electronic devices

  Batteries must be removed from electronic devices. Dispose of the batteries with the “Hazardous Garbage” category.

 Please use one of the “Small Household Electronics Collection Boxes” to dispose of the used electronic device.

The Garbage Collection Calendar is now being distributed 

  Contact: Environmental Service Division – Phone: 7167-1139

The Garbage Disposal Calendar for the 2019 fiscal year is now being distributed by the local neighborhood associations and residential management companies. If you do not receive your copy by the end of March, please pick one up directly from one of the following locations.

Garbage disposal calendars are available at these locations

  Environmental Service Division (City Hall, Main Building, 4th floor), Shonan Branch General Affairs Division (Shonan Building, 1st floor), Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, all Kinrin Community Centers and branch offices (distributing garbage disposal calendars for the local area only.) 

Education and Welfare Building repair work – closure and relocation

   Contact: Chuo Kominkan (Central Public Hall) – Phone: 7164-1811

       Volunteer Center – Phone: 7165-0880

Large-scale repair work and earthquake resistance structural upgrades will start on Monday, April 1 at the Education and Welfare Building (Kyoiku Fukushi Kaikan). Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated for the inconvenience.

Chuo Kominkan (Central Public Hall)

   During the construction period, the facility will be unavailable for use. Updates will occasionally be published on the Kashiwa City website with information on alternative facilities. For more information, please contact the Chuo Kominkan.

Volunteer Center

  The Volunteer Center will be relocated on Monday, April 1.

New location

  Iki-Iki Plaza

 For more information, please contact the facility.



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