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Don't let the memories of 3/11 fade away - Steps we can take to be prepared for a disaster

 Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division – Phone: 7167-1115, Fax: 7163-2188

 It will soon be 8 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. Even in Kashiwa City, the earthquake was recorded at a seismic intensity of upper 5, some buildings were damaged, and over 2,000 people had difficulty returning home from work or school.

   Let’s discuss disaster preparedness with our family and at our workplaces on a regular basis, and be ready to make sensible decisions and take action calmly in the event of a disaster.

Have a family meeting to discuss disaster prevention and mitigation

Make sure you have a way to contact your family members

   In the event of a disaster, it will be difficult to make contact using your cell phone. Make sure you know how to use communication methods such as the "Disaster Emergency Message Dial 171".

Make sure you know the route to the evacuation areas

  Make sure you know the location of disaster prevention facilities and hazardous areas indicated on the hazard map. Also, make sure you know how to get to the evacuation areas safely by actually taking a walk there yourself.

  All types of disaster prevention maps are available at the Disaster Prevention and Safety Division (City Hall Main Building, 2nd Floor), and all Kinrin Community Centers.

  ▲Use this QR code to access the Kashiwa City online Disaster Prevention and Hazard Map.

 Do a safety check inside and outside your home

   Make sure that you do not put in any furniture or electronic appliances that could topple or fall, or properly secure potentially unstable furniture. Also, make sure your escape routes are clear, and do not leave things in the hallways or in your entrances and exits.

Keep a supply of food, water, and household medicine

  You will need at least a 3-day supply of food and drinking water. If possible, store a one-week supply. Also, in the event of a disaster, you may not be able to use the water or sewer system to flush your toilet. Get an emergency toilet, and store it for use in the event of a disaster.

Register for the Kashiwa E-mail Distribution Service

  In Kashiwa City, the Kashiwa E-mail Distribution Service is available to provide city residents with reliable information during a disaster.

  When you register for the Kashiwa E-mail Distribution Service, you can receive a wide variety of information using your computer or mobile phone.

  Register using this QR code, or send a blank e-mail to: kashiwacity@emp.ikkr.jp

  ▲Send a blank email to register using this QR code.

A new National Pension exemption system for before and after childbirth will begin on Monday, April 1 

  Contact: National Pension Office – Phone: 7167-1130, Fax: 7167-8103

Matsudo Pension Office – Phone: 047-345-5517

 A new exemption system will begin for the National Pension Insurance fees for the period before and after childbirth. This is important for the pension you will receive in the future, so if you are eligible for the exemption, do not forget to apply.


   National Pension type 1 policy holders with a delivery date or delivery due date on or after February 1, 2019.

Application start date

 Monday, April 1

Exemption period

 Exemption for 4 months beginning the month before the delivery date or delivery due date.

 Exemption for 6 months beginning 3 months before the delivery date or delivery due date for a multiple pregnancy.


   From 6 months before the delivery due date, pick up an application form from the National Pension Office (City Hall Main Building, 1st floor), or the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st floor). Fill out the required parts of the form, and submit it in person at the National Pension Office or Reception Desk Service Division.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Japan Pension Service website starting from Monday, April 1.

◎For more information on the documents required to accompany the application, please visit the Kashiwa City website, or contact the National Pension Office.

What is a National Pension type 1 policy holder?

  Those who are living in Japan, between 20 and 60 years of age, and are self-employed, in the agricultural or fisheries industry, students or unemployed, or the spouse of one of these people. (Those who have not entered the Welfare Pension or a Mutual Association).

Applications will begin for health services tickets  for Kashiwa City National Health Insurance and Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care Insurance

  Contact: Health Insurance and Pension Division – Phone: 7164-4455 

 Applications will be accepted from March 1st for Health Services Tickets that can be used starting in April.


  Those who have no unpaid health insurance fees from the 2018 fiscal year or prior, and who meet any of the following criteria.

▶Kashiwa City National Health insurance policy holders who are 18 years of age or older as of March 31 of next year.

▶Chiba Prefecture Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care Insurance policy holders who are living in Kashiwa City.


  Bring your insurance card, and apply in person at the Health Insurance and Pension Division (Kashiwa City Hall, Main Building 1st floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st floor), Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, or any branch office.


▶For applications made during or after April at the Health Insurance and Pension Division, tickets will be issued the same day as the applications are made. At other locations, tickets will be issued by mail.

▶If applications for same-day issue are made by someone other than the insurance policy holder, personal identification for the policy holder will be required.

◎For information on how to use the health services tickets, or facilities where they can be used, please visit the Kashiwa City website.



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