Kashiwa City Community Newspaper 2019.2.15

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Test broadcast of the emergency broadcast system

    Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division – Phone: 04-7167-1115A test broadcast will be done using the emergency broadcast system. The broadcast will be done simultaneously from 190 points across the city.

Date and time

   Wednesday, February 20, 11:00am

Broadcast content

   Chime à “This is a test of J-alert” (broadcast 3 times) à “This is Disaster Prevention Kashiwa” à Chime


  ▶The test broadcast may be cancelled depending on the weather, or if a disaster occurs.

  ▶The broadcast may be done at the same time in neighboring cities.

  Be aware of false information regarding cannabis

    Contact: Public Health Center, General Planning Division – Phone: 04-7167-1255

The use of cannabis is the most widespread drug abuse in the world. There is false information circulating on the internet, erroneously stating that cannabis has no negative effect on the body. However, abuse of cannabis causes hallucinations, memory problems and a decrease in learning ability. It is important that each of us correctly understands the danger of illegal drugs, and that we build a society where people do not get involved in drug abuse.

Aijima Kai-Awase shell art and Japanese tea ceremony

   Contact: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park – Phone: 04-7133−8877

Date and Time

   Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, 10:00am to 2:00pm


   Akebonoyama Park Hakusentei traditional Japanese tea house


 On each day, up to 30 people will be able to attend in order of arrival.

Event details

   Participants can try Kai-Awase clam shell art, a pastime that was popular with the aristocracy during the Heian Period.


   500 yen


   Please come directly to the event at the scheduled date and time.



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