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Join our Spring Event!

Spring is just around the corner! There will be two big Spring Festivals with a Spring flower theme in Kashiwa City. Join our seasonal events, and enjoy Spring.

Sakura Matsuri

Contact: Kashiwa City Tourism Association - Phone: 04-7162-3315, Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 04-7167-1141, Fax: 04-7162-0585

Date and time: Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 8 (11:00am to 3:00pm)
Location: Akebonoyama Park
Details: Songs by RENA, including "Viva Kashiwa! Ima Kashiwa!", Taiko drum performance by Koryudaiko, Kashiwa Municipal High School dance club performance, brass band performance, and free Amazake drinks (up to 500 servings on each day).
Other: You can check whether or not the festival will be cancelled on the day of the event through telephone guidance at 0180-991-055

Tulip Festival

Contact: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Phone: 04-7133-8877, Fax: 04-7132-5195
Date and time: Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15, 9:00am to 3:00pm
Location: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park
Details: Local farm produce and specialty items will be available for sale. There will be food stands set up by farms and commercial organizations, and specialty items for sale by rural-urban cooperative groups. There will also be stage events - the Kashiwa Municipal High School Brass Band will perform on the 14th, and Cosmic☆Club will perform on the 15th.
Other: There will be a variety of "Spring Week" events from Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, May 6. Please contact us for more information.

Another event held during the festival! Spring tea ceremony

Date and time: Saturday, April 14, 10:00am to 3:00pm
Location: Akebonoyama Hakusentei Tea Room
Cost: 500 yen
Details: Enjoy seasonal Japanese sweets and tea.
Registration: Please come directly on the day of the event.

Access to Akebonoyama Park and Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

From the west exit of Kashiwa Station, take the bus bound for "Mitsui Danchi/Fuse Benten", and get off at the "Tsuchiyatsu Iriguchi" bus stop - the park is a 8-minute walk from there. ▶From the north exit of Abiko Station, take the bus bound for "Akebonoyama Koen" (Akebonoyama Park), and get off at the last stop - the park is a 7-minute walk from there. ▶A special shuttle bus from the west exit of Kashiwa Station to Akebonoyama Agricultural Park will be operating during the Sakura Matsuri and Tulip Festival from 8:50am to 4:45pm. For more information, please see the Akebonoyama Agricultural Park homepage. *During the festivals, it will be crowded near the event area. Please use public transportation.

The switchboard number for the Shonan Branch Office will be discontinued

Contact: Shonan Branch Office General Affairs Division - Phone: 04-7191-7314 Fax: 04-7192-2926
The Shonan Branch Office switchboard number (04-7191-1111) will be discontinued on Saturday, March 31. To contact the Shonan branch, please use the city hall main building switchboard number (04-7167-1111), or use the direct number for the division that you require.

Distribution of Garbage Collection Calendars

The 2018 Garbage Collection Calendars will be distributed through neighborhood associations and residential building management companies. There have been some changes to the garbage classifications and disposal methods. If you do not receive your garbage collection calendar in March, please pick one up from one of the following locations.
Distribution locations: Environmental Service Division (City Hall Main Building, 4th floor), Shonan Branch Office General Affairs Division (Shonan Building, 1st floor), Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, all Kinrin Community Centers and branch offices (garbage collection calendars for the local neighborhood only)
Contact: Environmental Service Division - Phone: 04-7167-1139

Changes to the Chi-Pass starting from April

New Chi-Passes with an expiry date of March 31, 2021 will be distributed from the reception desk of branch offices. Starting from April, you will not be able to receive services if you do not have a new Chi-Pass.
Other: The passes will be distributed through schools and other facilities until the end of March to families who have children attending elementary and junior high school, kindergarten and nursery school in Chiba Prefecture (not including children in their 3rd year of junior high school).
* For more information on distribution locations, etc, please visit the Chi-Pass Net homepage, or contact the Child-Raising Support Division - Phone: 04-7168-1034



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