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The method of disposing of household waste will change starting from April

Contact: Waste Policy Division - Phone: 04-7167-1140, Fax: 04-7163-3728

Disposal of hazardous garbage (batteries, fluorescent light tubes, used lighters, etc.)

Beginning on Sunday, April 1, the method for disposal of hazardous garbage (especially fluorescent light tubes containing mercury) will be changed for the old Kashiwa area. In order to prevent mercury from being released into the atmosphere from damaged hazardous garbage items, these items will be collected safely, and separately from other garbage. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. This change applies to the old Kashiwa area.


Collection day and disposal method

Before the change

Put garbage out for disposal separate from other items in a clear plastic bag so that the contents can be seen on "Non-Combustible Garbage Day"

After the change

Put garbage out for disposal separate from other items in a clear plastic bag so that the contents can be seen on "Recyclable Items Day"

The hazardous garbage collection method for the old Shonan Minami area will not change.

Collection of old computers

Beginning on Sunday, April 1, old household computers will be collected. You can choose the collection method you wish to use based on the size of the computer and your convenience. Regarding personal information stored on the computer, please make sure to erase the information yourself. This will apply to all areas in Kashiwa City.

●Collection using the "Portable Digital Consumer Electronic Devices Collection Boxes"
Collection method: Place the items in one of 18 special collection boxes around the city, located in the Kashiwa City Hall Main Building and all branch offices (except for the Tomise Branch Office).
Items that can be collected: Electronic devices that will fit in the collection box opening (15cm high by 30cm wide). (Not including display monitors.)
* Items can be placed in the collection box during the opening hours for the facility where they are located. For more information, please contact the facility you wish to use.

●Free collection service using a commercial electronics collection company (Re-Net Japan)
Collection method: 1.Fill out the application form on the Re-Net Japan homepage (www.renet.jp) 2.Pack the old computer in a box.  3.A Re-Net Japan staff member will come to your home to collect your old computer.
Items that can be collected: Regardless of the type of computer, if the packed box has a combined height, width and depth of 140cm, and is 20kg or less, it will be collected.
* For more information, please see the Re-Net Japan homepage.

The Kashiwa Information Center is looking for foreign staff

Contact: Kashiwa Information Center - Phone: 04-7168-8686, Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 04-7167-1141

Requirements: We are looking for one foreign resident who is living in Kashiwa or a neighboring city.

Work location: Kashiwa Information Center (Kashiwa Station South Exit, Family Kashiwa, 3rd Floor)
Duties: Provide information to Information Center visitors, plan activities for foreigners visiting Japan, assist with the creation of the multi-lingual homepage, send out information using SNS, etc.
Working hours: 3 days per week, 6 hours per day (working days and hours can be arranged).
* Transportation costs will be provided separately.
 Position start date:  Sunday, April 1
 Application Deadline: Sunday, March 11
* For more information on wages and how to apply, please visit the Kashiwa Information Center Homepage.



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