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Submit your municipal and prefectural tax return as soon as possible

For income tax returns = Kashiwa Tax Office - Phone: 04-7146-2321
For municipal and prefectural tax returns = Citizens' Tax Division - Phone: 04-7167-1124, Fax: 04-7167-3203

Municipal/Prefectural Tax and National Income Tax returns will be accepted starting from Friday, February 16. The tax returns are a report of your income situation in 2017 (From January 1 to December 31 2017). The deadline for tax returns is Thursday, March 15. Please submit your tax returns as soon as possible.

Who needs to file a tax return?

People who meet the following criteria 1 or 2 must file a tax return.
 1: Those who live in Kashiwa City as of January 1st, 2018, and whose total income in 2017 was greater than the following amounts.
・If there are no dependent family members = 315,000 yen
・If there are dependent family members = 315,000 yen x (number of dependent family members + 1) + 189,000 yen.
 2: Those who do not live in Kashiwa City as of January 1st, 2018, but have an office, place of business or own real estate in Kashiwa City (including income earners who live in another municipality, and have family members living separately in Kashiwa City).

Those who meet the following criteria do not need to file a return

▶Those who file a national income tax return at the Tax Office ▶Those who receive a salaried income only, and whose employer has submitted a notice of salary payment to the city hall. (Please check with your employer whether or not this has been submitted.) ▶Those whose only income is public pension, and do not need to add any deductions.
 ◆Those who do not meet either of criteria 1 or 2 (including those who only receive a non-taxable pension such as a surviving family members pension or disability pension) may need to file a tax return if the issuance of a Tax Certificate or the calculation of the National Health Insurance amount is required.
 ◆If you receive income from a public pension, and require an insurance deduction other than the deduction for the social welfare insurance amount taken from the pension, or if you have not submitted a declaration of dependent family members to a pension payment organization (Japan Pension Service, etc.), and need to add in a deduction for a spouse or dependent family members, please submit a municipal/prefectural tax return.

Documents required for filing a tax return (please make sure you have these before you go to file your return!)


Items (Documents from 2017)

Items that show the amount of your income

1.Tax withholding slips from your salary or public pension

2.Payment records (from income sources other than your salary or pension in 1.)

Items that show the amount of deductions

3.Insurance fees deduction certificate (National Pension Insurance Fees, Life Insurance Fees, Earthquake Insurance Fees, Former Long-Term Loss Insurance Fees) 4.Medical fees deduction and self-medication tax system certificates. 5.Payment receipts for National Health Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, Latter-Stage Elderly Healthcare System, etc. 6.Disabled Person's Passbook


7.My Number Card or My Number Notification Card with photo identification documents 8.Ball-point pen, calculator 9.Inkan name stamp 10.A document which shows the account number at your financial institution (in the name of the person filing the return)

(補足)Copies will not be accepted for items 1.~3.. Item 10.is for the income tax return only.

There will be changes to some of the cancer screening check-ups beginning in the next fiscal year

Contact: Public Health Center, Adult Health Check Division - Phone: 04-7168-3715

New medical screening methods will be added

▶Stomach cancer screening = endoscopy screening for people 50 years of age and over
▶Colorectal cancer screening = Individual screening
▶Breast cancer screening = A 2-directional mammogram image screening will be done for women age 40 to 49

Eligibility for screening

▶Stomach cancer and colorectal cancer screening = people 40 years of age and over
▶Breast cancer screening = women 30 years of age and over

How to register

Use a special registration postcard available at Kinrin Community Centers, etc. Complete the registration postcard and submit it by mail, or register through the city homepage. For more information, please refer to the cancer screening notices for the 2018 fiscal year.



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