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Please complete your tax return early

Contact: National income tax returns: Kashiwa Tax Office Phone: 04-7146-2321
     Municipal and prefectural income tax returns: Citizens' Tax Division Phone: 04-7167-1124 or Fax: 04-7167-3203
The submission and tax payment period for 2017 fiscal year Income Tax and Special Reconstruction Tax is from Friday, February 16 to Thursday, March 15. Late tax payment may result in additional tax levied, so be sure to make your submission on time.

Consultation for creating tax returns

Tax return area at the Kashiwa Tax Office

Schedule: Wednesday, February 14 to Thursday, March 15. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, but will be open on Sunday, February 18 and Sunday, February 25.
When the tax return area is open on Sunday, national tax receipts, telephone consultation, and tax payment certificates will be unavailable. The parking lot at the Kashiwa Tax Office will be unavailable until mid-April.

Free consultation for tax returns provided by the certified public tax accountant's association

Consultation is available from accountants registered with the Chiba Prefecture Certified Public Tax Accountant's Association.
Consultation and assistance with tax return creation will be provided for simple issues with basic salaried or pension income, and for municipal and prefectural tax returns.




Consultation Schedule

Thursday, February 1

Nanbu Kinrin Center

300 people on each day in order of arrival

9:30am to 3:30pm (補足)Numbered service tickets will be available from 8:30am.

Tickets will be available from 9:00am at the Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza

Friday, February 2

Monday, February 5

Hikarigaoka Kinrin Center

Tuesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 7

Himawari Plaza (Former Shonan Kominkan)

280 people in order of arrival

Thursday, February 8

Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza (Changed from Nishihara Kinrin Center)

300 people in order of arrival

■Documents required to create your tax return


Items (Documents from 2017)

Items that show the amount of your income

1.Tax withholding slips from your salary or public pension

2.Payment records (from income sources other than your salary or pension in 1.)

Items that show the amount of deductions

3.Insurance fees deduction certificate (National Pension Insurance Fees, Life Insurance Fees, Earthquake Insurance Fees, Former Long-Term Loss Insurance Fees) 4.Medical fees deduction and self-medication tax system certificates. 5.Payment receipts for National Health Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, Latter-Stage Elderly Healthcare System, etc. 6.Disabled Person's Passbook


7.My Number Card or My Number Notification Card with photo identification documents 8.Ball-point pen, calculator 9.Inkan name stamp 10.A document which shows the account number at your financial institution (in the name of the person filing the return)

(補足)Copies will not be accepted for items 1.~3.. Item 10.is for the income tax return only.

【Convenient ways to make your return】
●The National Tax Agency homepage
You can create your return using the "Tax return form creation corner" (確定申告書等作成コーナー). For questions regarding your income tax return, "Tax Answer" is convenient.
●Electronic tax returns and tax payment system (e-Tax)
National tax returns and payments can be done through the internet. he electronic certificate is valid for 3 years. For more information, please contact the e-Tax / Tax Form Creation Corner Help Desk - Phone: 0570-01-5901

【Important points to note】
●The final day to submit tax returns is very crowded, so please leave plenty of time when you come in to submit your return.●The parking at each Kinrin Community Center is limited, so please refrain from coming by car. There is a fee for parking at the Sawayaka Chiba Kenmin Plaza.
●Tax returns other than the ones created with the special consultation service will not be accepted. Please submit tax returns that you have created by yourself by Thursday, March 15 according to the following method. ▶National Tax Returns - Please submit the returns by mail (to be delivered by the deadline) or in person to 郵便番号277-8522 Kashiwa Tax Office ▶Municipal and Prefectural Tax Returns - Please submit the returns by mail (to be delivered by the deadline) to 郵便番号277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Citizens' Tax Division. If you require a stamped receipt for your tax return, please include a self-addressed return envelope affixed with an 82-yen stamp.●Please seek consultation directly with the Tax Office for the following matters. ▶Claiming tax deductions for various losses and donations ▶Tax returns for years other than 2017 ▶Blue tax returns ▶Tax returns for income from business operations, agriculture or real estate accounts ▶Tax returns for capital gains or losses from the transfer of property, homes, stocks, etc. ▶Claiming a mortgage deduction (a special tax deduction for loans to purchase a home) ▶Tax returns for foreigners or deceased persons.

Important points to note when you make your tax return

You will need to include your "My Number" individual identification number.

When you file your return, please present either of the following documents. When you submit your return by mail, attach a copy of the documents (copy both sides of 1.).
 1.My Number Card
 2.My Number Notification Card, or other documents which can confirm your "My Number", along with your driver's license or other document with photo identification.

Those who receive a medical fees deduction

If medical fees incurred reached or exceeded a certain amount for the person filing the return, or other family members who share the same income, a reimbursement on income tax may be available if the medical fees deduction is filed with the return.

Those who receive a special deduction for bank loans to purchase a home (Home Mortgage Deduction)

 Those who moved into a new home between 2009 and 2017, and receive a Home Mortgage Deduction, but cannot apply the whole deduction amount to their income tax, can receive a deduction for part of their municipal or prefectural tax.
<Those who moved into a new home in 2017>
Those who are eligible for the Home Mortgage Deduction for the first time must file an income tax return at the Tax Office by Thursday, March 15.
Please note: Salaried income earners who claim a Home Mortgage Deduction with their year-end income tax adjustment must also file a tax return by Thursday, March 15 if they are eligible to claim a deduction for medical expenses and donations.

Those who have dependent family members under the age of 16

This part is necessary for the calculation of the limit for tax exemption for municipal and prefectural tax, so please fill in the second chart on the tax return for "Resident's Tax-Related Items" (住民税に関する事項), and fill in the space for dependent family members under 16 years of age.
▶In order to claim a personal deduction for family members living outside of the country, you will need to show documents which verify the family relationship, and the money that was sent to them. (If the documents are provided in a language other than Japanese, please attach a Japanese translation.)

【Municipal and prefectural tax return forms will be sent out by mail】
Municipal and prefectural tax return forms for 2018 will be sent out at the end of January to those who filed a municipal and prefectural tax return last year. Even if you submitted a tax return last year, you will not be sent a 2018 tax return form if you are not expected to need one. If you require a tax return form, please contact the Citizens' Tax Division. Tax returns can also be created and printed from the Kashiwa City homepage, and then submitted by mail.

【Your cooperation is appreciated with the prompt submission of the Salary Payment Report】
Individuals or corporations who paid salary or wages in 2017 (including full-time or part-time workers wages) have an obligation to file a Salary Payment Report for everyone who receives the wages, and is living in Kashiwa City as of January 1. For the salaried income earners, this is a very important document for the Municipal/Prefectural Tax Return, so please make sure to submit it by the deadline.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 31
How to submit: Please mail the completed form (postmarked by the deadline), or bring it in person to 郵便番号277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Citizens' Tax Division (City Hall, Main Building, 2nd Floor). The form can also be submitted through the "Local Tax Electronic Return Service (eLTAX)" (地方税の電子申告サービス). For more information, please see the eLTAX homepage.

Temporary Closure of the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center and Automated Certificate Issuance Machines

The Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center and the Kashiwanoha Service Corner will be closed for a regular inspection of the electrical equipment. Also, the Automated Certificate Issuance Machines in the lobby of the Kashiwa City Hall Main Building, and the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center will be closed. If you have a My Number Card, you can obtain "Juminhyo" Residence Certificates, Inkan Name Stamp Certificates, and Tax Certificates from a convenience store.
Closure date: Saturday, January 27
Contact: Citizen's Division - Phone: 04-7167-1128, Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center - Phone: 04-7168-5500, or the Kashiwanoha Service Corner - Phone: 04-7134-6700.

Make your municipal tax payment conveniently by direct bank transfer

By contacting the Payment Receipts Division, you can receive a bank transfer payment application form by mail. If the bank account holder comes to the Payment Receipts Division in person, a bank transfer application can be made without a name stamp.
Application deadline:
Fixed Asset Property Tax = Friday, February 16
Municipal and Prefectural Tax = Friday, April 27
Items to bring: ATM Cash Card and personal identification
For more information regarding financial institutions that can be used to make direct transfer payments, please contact the Payment Receipts Division.
Contact: Payment Receipts Division - Phone: 04-7167-1122



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