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Kashiwa Halloween World 2017

Contact: Kashiwa Halloween World Executive Committee (UDC2) - Phone: 7166-5000 or Cooperative Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-1133, Fax: 7167-6644

Kashiwa Halloween World 2017 is a brand new event that will completely change the image of the area around Kashiwa Station.
The area around Kashiwa Station will be full of events, food and music associated with Halloween. In addition to the 29th, decorations for the event and plans will start during the month of October, so don't miss out!
Schedule: Sunday, October 29, 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Place: Kashiwa Station area

Halloween World Event

All together, there will be 500 children dressed in costumes, parading around the World Course (Kashiwa Station East Exit Area). Come and see how cute all the kids are when they have completely transformed into Halloween characters!
Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

We are accepting applications to join in the parade

Eligibility: Children, elementary school year 6 and under. The first 300 applications received will be accepted. Children who have not started elementary school yet must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
The kids will be able to enjoy walking in the parade, accompanied by music from a marching band and DJ. There will be games and attraction spots along the way.
Cost: 500 yen
Application: Applications will be available (in Japanese) on the Kashiwa Halloween World Executive Committee homepage, starting from Monday, October 2 at 9:00am. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyVu5hMNucl4rHNDQPLV8zM4BrtP5pyJtg4F-gbObrSWNUZw/viewform

The Costume Contest will be held

This popular event is an annual tradition! Who will be number one this year?
Categories: 1 = Children's category, 2 = Regular category
Time: 11:00am to 1:30pm *The contest will be done in order, 1 then 2.
Location: Kashiwa Takashimaya Stage

We are accepting applications to participate

Eligibility: 1 = Elementary school age and under, 2 = Junior high school age and over, 15 groups for each category.
Cost: Free
Application: Apply through the Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall homepage (in Japanese) by Tuesday, October 17. http://www.stemo.jp/feature/stemo_halloween_world/
If there are more applicants than spaces available, participants will be chosen by draw.
There will be fabulous prizes for the winners.
Contact: Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall - Phone: 7148-2222

Deck Party

Location: Kashiwa Station, East Exit Double Deck
●Food and drinks, sales corner
 Get a taste of Halloween with food, drinks, and items for sale.
●Workshop Corner
 Plenty of shops will be set up where you can experience Halloween. How about stopping in to the costume make-up corner (paid service), and emerge as the life of the party!
●Music event stage
 Come and see performances from artists including Kashiwa's "Hotal Light Hill's Band", and get right into the Halloween spirit!
●Zombie appearance
 (11:00am to 3:00pm)
 There's a chance you might come across some zombies roaming the Kashiwa Station area...

Help Cards will be distributed

In Kashiwa City, "Help Cards" will be distributed to indicate those who require assistance. "Help Cards" are for those who require assistance, but their condition is not easy to see from their outward appearance. The required support and consideration is written on the card, and carried with the person to request help from people nearby in case of emergency.
Eligibility: People with hidden disabilities or chronic conditions, those in the early stages of pregnancy, etc, who wish to have a Help Card. 
Application: Please apply in person at the Disability and Welfare Division (City Hall Annex, 2nd floor)

Please provide assistance if you see a Help Card

・Offer your seat on the train or bus
・Offer assistance in a disaster situation to evacuate to a safe area, or to help at an evacuation shelter.
・Provide consideration such as offering help at a station or commercial establishment.

Authorized Day Care Centers and Private Kindergartens will be accepting enrollment applications for next year

Application forms will be distributed from Sunday, October 15, and submissions will be accepted from Wednesday, November 1 at all Authorized Day Care Centers (Group 1 Authorized Children) and Private Kindergartens.
For more information, please contact the day care center or kindergarten where you wish to enroll your child.
Contact: Kashiwa City Private Kindergarten Association - Phone:
7166-7719, or the Nursery School Administration Division - Phone: 7167-1137



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