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Evacuation information - what to do if a disaster occurs

Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division - Phone: 04-7167-1115 or Fax: 04-7163-2188

The life-saving basics of evacuation information

Based on information broadcast by the Meteorological Agency, Kashiwa City broadcasts evacuation information to prompt evacuation. There are three types of emergency evacuation information. Each type of evacuation indicates what course of action is necessary and for whom. In order to start evacuation quickly in the event of a disaster, it is important to know the different types of evacuation information ahead of time.

■Evacuation Information



Broadcast situation

Action to be taken

Prepare to evacuate / begin evacuation of elderly people, etc.

It is necessary to prepare for evacuation

Prepare to evacuate at any time. In addition, those who require more time to evacuate (elderly or handicapped people, infants, etc) and their caregivers should head towards the evacuation area

Evacuation is advised

Damage from a disaster is expected. The risk of human casualty has clearly increased.

Go immediately to an evacuation area specified by the city

Evacuation Order (Emergency)

The situation resulting from the disaster has worsened, and there is an extremely high risk of human casualty

At this time, those who have not already evacuated must go to the evacuation area immediately

Caution: When evacuation is necessary, going outside may actually put your life at risk. In this case, head to the nearest safe place such as the second floor of your house, and take shelter.

First of all, get information!

Evacuation information will be broadcast through systems such as the city homepage and e-mail distribution service, wireless-activated disaster warning system, Twitter, television, and radio. In the event of a disaster, it is important to get information. Check the emergency information along with the weather report.

【Use the "Kashiwa E-Mail Distribution Service"】
In Kashiwa City, information is publicized via the E-mail Distribution Service. Different types of information are available and divided into categories, such as disaster information, fire information, and crime prevention / safety information. Register for the information categories that you need, and receive the information on your smartphone or computer. In order to get the latest information in case of a disaster, register for the service now as part of your emergency preparation.
◎To register using a computer, send a blank e-mail to kashiwacity@emp.ikkr.jp


▲Register here using a blank e-mail

Get your renewed National Health Insurance Card

Renewed Health Insurance Cards that are valid as of August 1 were sent out by registered mail in July. If you have not received your insurance card yet, an application is required.
How to receive your card: ▶From the reception desk = Bring official photo ID, and apply in person at the Health Insurance and Pension Division (City Hall, Main Building, 1st Floor) ▶To have your card re-sent = Contact the Health Insurance and Pension Division.
Other: If you have entered Workplace Health Insurance, bring your Workplace Health Insurance Card and your National Health Insurance Card, and complete an application to withdraw from the National Health Insurance system. This can be done at the Health Insurance and Pension Division, the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), any branch office or the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center.
Contact: Health Insurance and Pension Division - Phone: 04-7191-2594



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