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Your cooperation is appreciated for the traffic regulations at the 2017 Teganuma Fireworks Festival

Contact: Teganuma Fireworks Festival Executive Committee - Phone: 04-7162-3325, or the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 04-7167-1141, Fax: 04-7162-0585


Please note:
●Flight or operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is prohibited in the Teganuma area.
●Viewing the fireworks from the Tega Ohashi Bridge or the Kashiwa Furusato Ohashi Bridge is prohibited.
◎On the day of the Fireworks Festival, there will be special traffic regulations in place from 6pm to 9pm. Some of the times and details of the traffic regulations will be different, so please see the Kashiwa City homepage for more information.

Other: There are no parking lots available. A special phone service is available from 8:00am on the day of the event to check whether or not the fireworks will be held as scheduled (0180-991-155). Please follow the instructions of the security personnel around the event area. We appreciate your cooperation to maintain the safety of the event area.

The 2017/2018 fiscal year version of the "Kashiwa Child-Raising Handbook"

Contact: Child-Raising Support Division - Phone: 04-7168-1034, Fax: 04-7162-1055

In Kashiwa City, the handbook for child-raising households, "Kashiwa Child-Raising Handbook", has been revised.
Information has been added, including "Places for Outings and Places to Play", offices providing information on child-raising support systems, and information regarding health and school enrollment. We hope you make use of this handbook which is packed with information for child-raising in Kashiwa City.
Where to pick up a copy: Child-Raising Support Division and Child Welfare Division (City Hall Annex, 3rd Floor), all branch offices and Kinrin Centers, all Jido (Child) Centers, Community Child-Raising Support Centers, and the Childrens' Library (Shonan Building, 1st Floor).

If you are having trouble with bee or wasp nests

Bees and wasps are active from summer to fall. If you reach into a tree or step into a thicket, please be sure to check if there are bees or wasps around you. If you are stung, please go to a medical treatment facility for consultation.
Removal of bee or wasp nests
The city does not provide bee/wasp nest removal services. The property owner or manager is responsible for removal. However, removal of a "suzume-bachi" or large "Vespinae" hornets are extremely dangerous. In this case, it is best to hire a specialist to remove the nest.
◎For contact information for wasp nest removal specialists, please contact the Environmental Service Division, or visit the Kashiwa City homepage.
Contact: Environmental Service Division - Phone: 04-7167-1139

Children's Medical Expenses Subsidy Cards will be sent out

Children's Medical Expense Subsidy cards will be renewed, and the new cards, valid from Tuesday, August 1, will be sent out by mail on Wednesday, July 26.
Eligibility: Children up to the 3rd year of Junior High School. (Please note) For children in 4th year elementary school or above, there is an income limit for outpatient hospital visits and prescriptions.
Amount to be paid by the individual: One outpatient hospital visit, or one day of inpatient care will be 300 yen, or free of charge.
(Please note) Prescriptions covered by insurance are free of charge.
Other: Please dispose of subsidy cards that have exceeded their date of validity.
Contact: Child Allowance and Children's Medical Expenses Benefits Reception Desk (within the Child Welfare Division) - Phone: 04-7128-9923



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