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All households with infants will receive a visit from a midwife or health nurse

Contact: Public Health Center, Community Health-Making Division - Phone: 04-7167-1257, Fax: 04-7167-1732
  In Kashiwa City, a health nurse or midwife will visit households with infants to check on the development of the infant, and to provide support and advice regarding the health of the mother. Within 7 days of the birth of your baby, please mail the birth announcement contact form postcard which is provided in the supplement to the Mother and Child Health Handbook. At a later date, the date and time of the visit will be scheduled, and a midwife or health nurse will pay a visit to your home.
Eligibility: All households with infants under 3 months old.
Please note the following points:
○ In order to provide a visit to all eligible households, those with infants under 3 months of age will receive a phone call even if the birth announcement contact postcard has not been submitted. If you cannot be reached by phone, you may receive a visit directly.
○ Even if you return to your hometown (in Japan), and wish to receive a visit from the local city, town or village administration, please submit the birth announcement contact postcard to Kashiwa City.
○ For households that have not received a visit in Kashiwa within the time period because the mother has returned to her hometown or other circumstances, visits are also provided for infants who are 4 to 5 months of age. For more information, please contact the Community Health-Making Division.

The 2017 Teganuma Fireworks Festival and a request for donations

Contact: Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 04-7167-1141, Fax: 04-7162-0585
  This year, the fireworks festival will light up Kashiwa's summer once again. Come on out to the festival grounds to see the fireworks flash and sparkle over Teganuma Lake.
Date and time: Saturday, August 5, 7:00pm to 8:30pm (Fireworks will begin at 7:10pm)
Location: Teganuma Lake (Kashiwa Dai-Ichi Kaijo Event Area, Kashiwa Dai-Ni Kaijo Event Area, and Abiko Event Area)
◎For more information, please see the Kashiwa City homepage.
■Donations will be collected for the event
  In Kashiwa City, donations will be collected for the fireworks festival though fundraising activities on the street, and collection boxes set up in various locations. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.
○ Street fundraising kick-off event
Date and time: Sunday, May 28, 10:00am to noon
Location: The area around Kashiwa Station
Event details: All 50 members of the executive committee will be calling out for donations. The Chiba-Kun and Kashi-Wani mascots will also be making an appearance!
Other: We will also be recruiting Kashiwa resident volunteers to do fundraising activities on the street during June and July. For more information, please contact the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division.
○ Locations of donation collection boxes
Locations: Kashiwa City Hall, Shonan Building, Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, all Kinrin Community Centers, Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Azumakami-Cho), Kashiwa City Shonan Commerce and Industry Association (Kazahaya 1-chome), commercial establishments and convenience stores throughout the city.

Lalaport Kashiwanoha Music Festa 2017

Contact: Culture Division - Phone: 04-7191-7403, Fax: 04-7190-0892
  A music event will be held where you can experience the festival's theme of "Full of Happiness - Kashiwa: The Music Town". We hope you come out to enjoy the musical performances by groups and individual artists from Kashiwa City and the Higashi Katsushika Area.



1.Saturday, May 27

Kashiwa Municipal High School

2.Sunday, May 28

Chiba Trailblazers

3.Sunday, June 4

Kaichi International University

4.Saturday, June 10

Chiba Prefectural Abiko Senior High School

5.Sunday, June 11

Chiba Prefectural Matsudo Mutsumi High School

6.Sunday, June 18

Chiba Prefectural Higashi Katsushika High School

7.Saturday, June 24

Chiba Prefectural Kashiwa High School

(補足)Performance times: 1. = 11:00 to noon, and 1:00 to 2:00pm
 2. to 7. = 2:00 to 2:40, and 4:00 to 4:40
Location: Lalaport Kashiwanoha Main Building, 2nd Floor Center Plaza (Wakashiba)
Event details: 1. to 5. and 7. = brass band, 6. = choir
Cost: Free
◎There will also be performances after the scheduled dates above. For more information, please see the Kashiwa City homepage.



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