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Let's all lend a hand to make our community beautiful! Zero Trash Activities on Sunday, May 28

Contact: Environmental Service Division - Phone: 04-7167-1139, Fax: 04-7163-3728

The Zero Trash Activities will be centered around May 30. There will be a campaign to clean up littered trash all at once. The purpose of this campaign is to stop littering, to promote recycling, and to make a beautiful green environment in our community. Let's all get together to clean up the trash, and make a beautiful community.

Date: Sunday, May 28, 8:30am to 10:00am
Locations: Kashiwa Station, Minami-Kashiwa Station, Kashiwanoha Campus Station, and also around the Kashiwa Furusato Park, every Kinrin (Community) Center, and other locations specified by the Furusato Committee and Neighborhood Associations.

(補足)Please note
● During the Zero Trash Activities, plastic trash (soiled plastic containers and wrappers) picked up from the street cannot be recycled. It will be collected as Combustible Garbage, even in the old Kashiwa area.
● Household garbage (furniture, home electronics), grass clippings or tree branches will not be collected.

A child-raising support advisory service has been introduced

Contact: Child-Raising Support Division - Phone: 04-7168-1034, Fax: 04-7162-1055

In Kashiwa City, a child-raising support advisory service is now available to provide guidance for support and financial benefits that best meet the family's needs and circumstances. This service provides advice for concerns and difficulties regarding child-raising. The service acts as a go-between to direct the family to the facility or department that meets their needs, and to ensure that the recommended service can be used smoothly. You can speak to the child-raising support advisor at the "Hagu-Hagu Hiroba".
Place: Hagu-Hagu Hiroba Shonan (Shonan Social Welfare Center, 2nd Floor)
Opening hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed: Sundays, public holidays, and the Year-End and New Year's Holiday

Walk around, take a look, and have fun! Kashiwa Citizens' Activity Festival 2017

Contact: Kashiwa Citizens' Activity Festival (Kashiwa Shimin Katsudo Festa) 2017 Executive Committee (at the Citizens' Activity Support Corner) - Phone: 04-7163-1143
Date and Time: Sunday, May 14, 10:00am to 5:00pm
If you think you would like to try doing something in the community, why not take a look at the samples of the citizens' activities, and make the festival an opportunity to take part!

Event Location

Event Details

Kashiwa Station East Exit Double Deck and Howdy Mall "Pedestrian's Paradise" barricaded street.

Introduction to citizens' activities, flea market, etc.

Kashiwa Station East Exit Family Hiroba Area

Opening Ceremony, Sakasai-Bayashi Traditional Dance, dance performances, and more.

Keihoku Hall (Kashiwa 1-chome)

Reading Performance

Palette Kashiwa

Seminar, hands-on experience session, advisory session, workshop, etc.

Palette Kashiwa Open Space

Children can enjoy spinning tops, and plenty of other events.

On the day of the festival, there will be poster displays, advisory sessions, and other events to showcase the 76 citizens' activity groups in Kashiwa City. On the day of the festival, you can walk around and take a look at the different event areas, and have fun experiencing the wealth of citizens' activities that Kashiwa City has to offer.



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