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Don't let the memories of 3/11 fade away - Steps we can take to be prepared for a disaster

Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division - Phone: 04-7167-1115, Fax: 04-7163-2188

It will soon be 6 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Even in Kashiwa City, the earthquake was recorded at a seismic intensity of upper 5, some buildings were damaged, and over 2,000 people had difficulty returning home from work or school.
Let's use the lessons we have learned from the earthquake to take a fresh look at disaster prevention and mitigation, and get in the right frame of mind so that we can make sensible decisions and take action calmly in the event of a disaster.

Steps we can take to be prepared for a disaster

1 Have a family meeting
The most important thing is for each person to prepare to take care of his or her own necessities and be self-sufficient. Prepare for the event of a disaster, and discuss disaster prevention and mitigation in your home and workplace.
2 Keep a supply of food, water, and household medicine
You will need at least a 3-day supply of food and drinking water. It is important to consider the things you use on a regular basis, and use them as part of your supply to prepare for a disaster. For example, make it a habit to keep the water in the bathtub without draining it. Also, don't forget to prepare an emergency supply at your workplace as well.
3 Do a safety check inside and outside your home
Make sure that you do not put any furniture or electronic appliances that could topple or fall in the bedroom, or in a room used by children or elderly people. Also, make sure your escape routes are clear, and do not leave things in the hallways or in your entrances and exits.
4 Take part in your local disaster prevention drills
Make an effort to communicate with the people in your neighbourhood on a regular basis, and keep up a face-to-face relationship with your neighbours by participating in your local disaster prevention drills.
5 Make sure you have a way to contact your family members
In the event of a disaster, it will be difficult to make contact using your cell phone. Make sure you know how to use communication methods such as the "Disaster Emergency Message Dial 171".
6 Make sure you know the route to the evacuation areas
Take a look at several different routes to reach the evacuation areas safely. In the event of a disaster, there may not be anyone to guide you to a safe location.

Know what to do if you have trouble returning home - Do not head out without a plan. Stay calm and think before you take action.

If a large number of people all start to head home at the same time, there is a risk of injury from fire or debris falling from buildings. Crowds of people may also hinder rescue and emergency efforts, so let's be sure to act according to the following points.
 ▶Ensure your own safety.
 ▶Remain in a safe location such as your workplace or customer facilities.
 ▶Use a disaster message service or other means to confirm the whereabouts of your family members, and to make sure that your home is not damaged.
 ▶Obtain information about transportation facilities and areas affected by the disaster.

Make enough preparations that you do not need to go to an evacuation center 

An evacuation center is not like a hotel. During an evacuation, there will be a large, unspecified number of people forced into harsh conditions, and sharing a common living space. When you prepare for a disaster situation, prepare enough supplies that you can remain at home.

Prepare for unforeseen events - Register with the Kashiwa City E-Mail Service

In Kashiwa City, the "Kashiwa City E-Mail Distribution Service" is used to provide residents with information for issues such as disaster situations and crime prevention. When you register for the e-mail service, different types of information will be sent to your mobile phone or computer, free of charge. (補足)To register, send a blank email to kashiwacity@emp.ikkr.jp, or use the QR code below.


▲Register here

Applications for health-related service tickets for the 2017 fiscal year Kashiwa City National Health Insurance and Latter Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Health Insurance

Contact: Health Insurance and Pension Division - Phone: 04-7164-4455
In Kashiwa City, 8 tickets (each ticket has a value of 1000 yen subsidy) per person are being issued for the following health-related services. Applications will be required for each fiscal year, and applications for tickets to be used from April will be accepted starting March 1st. Beginning in April, you will also be able to use the tickets for the "Subsidy Program for the Usage Fees for Exercise Facilities and Exercise Classes".

Applicable health-related services

●Treatment services such as acupuncture, etc.
●Oral hygiene services
●Medical checkup services for people aged 18 to 39
●Subsidy Program for the Usage Fees for Exercise Facilities and Exercise Classes (new program)


Those who meet either of the following criteria
 ▶18 years of age or over as of March 31st, 2018, and enrolled in Kashiwa City National Health Insurance.
 ▶Living in Kashiwa City, and enrolled in Chiba Prefecture Latter Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Insurance.
(補足)In either case, eligibility is limited to those who are not in arrears for insurance payments for 2016 or earlier.


Bring your Health Insurance card, and go in person to 1 - the Insurance and Pension Division (City Hall, Main Building, 1st floor), 2 - the Reception Desk Service Section (Shonan Building, 1st floor), 3 - the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, or 4 - any of the branch offices.
(補足) Tickets for the use of services will be mailed at a later date. For applications made during or after April at location 1, tickets will be issued on the same day from the reception desk. If you would like to have tickets issued at location 1 for another person, you will need to prove the identity of the applicant. 
 ◎For more information on how to use the tickets, and facilities where they can be used, please see the city homepage.



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