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General Disaster Prevention Drills will be held in Kashiwa City

Contact: Disaster Prevention and Safety Division ☎04-7167-1115
The theme of this disaster prevention event is "Operation of the Main Evacuation Centers in the Local Area". Participants will practice opening up and operating emergency evacuation facilities. In each event area, the fire department and other authorities will also provide training and lectures. We do not know when a disaster will occur, so let's take part in some training, and be prepared.
Date and Time: Sunday, November 20, 10:00am to 1:30pm
Location and Events: Tsuchi Elementary School = Fire extinguisher training, training for rescuing people from rubble  of collapsed buildings, ▶Tsuchi Junior High School = Lecture: "Evacuation Center Conditions, and What to Bring in the Event of an Evacuation" ▶Masuo Nishi Elementary School = Making paper cups that can be used in the event of a disaster, training for transportation of water.
What to bring: Indoor shoes
Registration: Please register directly at the event.

Kashiwa City National Health Insurance - Have your specific health check-up done

Contact: Health Insurance and Pension Division ☎04-7164-4455
Health check-up tickets are being sent out by mail to those who are eligible. It becomes very busy just before the end of the health check period, so please have your health check done as soon as possible.
End of the health check period: Tuesday, January 31 of next year. (補足)Group health check-ups can also be done in February.
Eligibility: People aged 40 and over who have entered Kashiwa City National Health Insurance.

How to receive your health check-up

1.Individual health check-up
2.Group health check-up▶Chuo Hoken Center (Central Health Center) = Wednesday, December 7, Thursday, January 26 of next year, Wednesday, February 8, Thursday, February 16 ▶Shonan Hoken Center (Shonan Health Center) = Tuesday, January 17
3.Ningen-Dokku (Comprehensive health check-up)
4.Nou-Dokku (Brain health check-up)
Cost: 1. and 2. = No individual cost, 3. and 4. = The city will cover 10,000 yen, and the remainder will be paid by the individual.
How to apply: For 1., 3. and 4. = Contact the medical facility by phone. For 2. = Contact the Health Insurance and Pension Division by phone.
Other: If you have lost the health check-up ticket, please contact the Health Insurance and Pension Division to have it re-issued ahead of time. If you enter National Health Insurance in December or later, you can have your health check-up done from the following fiscal year.
◎For more information, please see the specific health check-up ticket itself, or the city homepage.

This year's winter illumination in Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

Contact: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park ☎04-7133-8877
The winter illumination will be centered around the area in front of the windmill, and will light up the night at Akebonoyama Agricultural Park. The light displays are all handmade, with plenty of originality. Please join us and enjoy the illumination!
Schedule: Friday, November 25 to Sunday, December 25, 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, in front of the windmill.
Access: ▶From the West Exit of Kashiwa Station, take the bus bound for Mitsui Danchi (三井団地行き), and get off at the Tsuchiyatsu-iriguchi (土谷津入口) stop. The event is a 10-minute walk from there. ▶ From the North Exit of Abiko Station, take the bus bound for Akebonoyama Koen Park Entrance (あけぼの山公園入口行き), and get off at the last stop. The event is a 7-minute walk from there.

Kashiwa Tour

Date and time: Saturday, November 26 1.10:00am to 12:30pm, and 2.2:00pm to 4:30pm
Meeting place: Kashiwa City Hall, Main Building
Eligibility: People who are 20 years of age or older, who will volunteer as a foreign language tour guide, or those who are interested in the historical sites of Kashiwa City, or foreign residents living in a neighborhood within Kashiwa City. There are 20 spaces available for each course.
Details: We will tour the historical landmarks of the city by bus, exploring the wonders of Kashiwa. ▶1.= Local Historical Materials Display Room, Old Tega Church, ▶2. Former Yoshida Family Residence Historical Park, Zazen Buddhist meditation experience in Daitoin Temple (Hananoi).
Cost: 500 yen
Registration: By Monday, November 21, please choose the course you wish to take, and provide the required information listed in the upper left hand part of the 3rd page. Include this information in an email to the Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center: boshu-1@kira-kira.jp. You may also contact the Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center directly. (補足)If there are many applicants, the participants will be chosen by draw.
Contact: Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center ☎04-7157-0281



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