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Apply by mail! Applications are now being accepted for nursery school starting in April of next year

Contact: Nursery School Administration Division - Phone: 04-7167-1137

In Kashiwa City, there are 45 private and 23 public nursery schools, including Certified Nursery Schools, Authorized Day Care Centers, and small-scale Certified Nursery Schools. Four new schools have also been planned for April of next year.
●Day care necessity approval prerequisites
In order to receive approval for Approval Classifications 2 and 3 (Those whose reasons for requiring day care meet the prerequisites), the parents or guardians must meet any of the following criteria. ▶Currently employed ▶Have just given birth, or are about to give birth (after giving birth, the time period extends to the end of the month in which eight weeks have passed since the child was born). ▶Have an illness or disability ▶Currently providing care on a regular basis for a live-in relative who is suffering from a mental or physical disability.

Application: By Friday, January 6 of next year, please fill in the required parts of all the application documents, and send them to 〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Nursery School Administration Division. (Applications must be postmarked by the deadline.) (補足)Applications will not be accepted at the City Hall, or any of the nursery schools. Those whose first choice is an Authorized Day Care Center (Kodomo-En) should bring the application directly to the Authorized Day Care Center where they wish to enroll their child.
Where to pick up an application: Nursery Schools Administration Division (City Hall Annex, 3rd Floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), any public nursery school
(補足)Applications can also be downloaded from the city homepage.
Please note: Enrollment is not determined in the order applications are received. If you are concerned about an illness, developmental issues or allergies that your child may have, please bring your application form and Mother and Child Health Handbook to the Nursery School Administration Division for an interview within the application period (by appointment only).
Results of the enrollment acceptance screening will be sent out on Monday, February 6.
◎For information regarding the features and activities of each nursery school, please contact the facility directly. For information regarding the age of children for each nursery school, and the opening hours, please see the city homepage, or the information distributed along with the application forms.

A list of Authorized Day Care Centers (Kodomo-En), Certified Nursery Schools, and Small-Scale Certified Nursery Schools

Applications are now being accepted for children to enter Kodomo Room daycare centers

Contact: After-School Daycare Division - Phone: 04-7167-1294
Children whose parents or guardians cannot look after them during the afternoon can stay at Kodomo Room day care centers.


Children who will be in elementary school, year 1 to 6 as of April of next year. (補足)Elementary school students from year 1 to 3, or children who are especially in need of support will be given priority.

Entry period

April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018

Daycare Schedule


▶Monday to Friday = 1:30pm to 7:00pm (8:00am to 7:00pm during long holidays) ▶Saturdays = 8:00am to 6:30pm

▶Shortened school days = From after school to 7:00pm

(補足)During long holidays, after-hours daycare is available from 7:00am to 8:00pm (100 yen per child for each time). Closed on Sundays, public holidays, and during the Year-End and New Year's holiday (December 29 to January 3 of the following year).

Daycare cost

10,000 yen per month (August is 15,000 yen) (補足)There is an exemption system

Where to pick up application forms


All Kodomo Room daycare centers, the After-School Daycare Division (Kashiwa City Hall, Annex, 3rd Floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor. (補足)Application forms can also be downloaded from the city homepage.


By Wednesday, December 28, complete all of the required parts of the application, and submit it by mail, postmarked by the deadline. Please attach all required documents, and send it to〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, After-School Daycare Division.(補足)Children to whom any of the following criteria apply should be brought to the After-School Daycare Division in person. ▶Children who require special support, and who have not entered the Kodomo Room before. ▶Kodomo Room daycare fees from October 2016 or earlier have not yet been paid.

Please note: If it has been determined that the child has difficulty with group daycare, the child may not be able to enter. ▶Depending on the number of applications, the child may not be able to enter the Kodomo Room selected as your first choice. ▶There will be a verification of the employment situation of the parent or guardian. ▶Depending on the length of the parent or guardian's employment contract, the child's enrollment permission may be less than one year.



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