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Starting from Tuesday, November 1: Resident's Register Certificates and Family Register Certificates can be received from convenience stores using your My Number Card

Documents such as Resident's Register Certificates, Family Register Certificates and Inkan Certificates are used in many different situations. Until now, these documents could only be obtained on certain days, and at certain locations. Starting in November, you will be able to receive them from convenience stores across Japan. In this issue, we will outline the new system.
Contact: Kashiwa City My Number Call Center - ☎04-7165-0178

More convenient than ever

・Certificates can be received outside the city
・You can pick up your certificates on your lunch break on or the way home from work
・No application form is required

Items that can be issued (補足)All items are limited to documents that are registered in Kashiwa City


Processing Fee

Hours of operation(補足)Closed during the Year-End and New Year's holiday

Resident's Registration Certificate (Jumin-hyo = 住民票)

300 yen for each certificate

6:30am to 11:00pm

Inkan Certificate

(Inkan Shomei = 印鑑証明)


Complete Family Register Certificate - with all items included

(Koseki Tohon = 戸籍謄本)

450 yen for each certificate

8:30am to 5:15pm

(補足)Service is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays

Individual Family Register Certificate - with items included for only one individual (Koseki Shohon = 戸籍抄本)

Addendum to Family Register - including previous addresses, etc. 

(Koseki no Fuhyo = 戸籍の附票)

300 yen

Stores that can issue certificates

Certificates can be issued at convenience stores and some supermarkets that have a Kiosk Touch-screen Station (Multi-Function Copy Machine) (補足)The number of locations is scheduled to be increased

Type of store

Store Name

Convenience stores

Community Store, Circle-K  Sunkus, Seico Mart, Save On, Seven-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson


Aeon, and other stores (補足)Not including Aeon Mall Kashiwa

Certificates can easily be obtained from Multi-Function Copy Machines

Step 1: Press the "Administrative Service (行政サービス)" button on the touch screen display.
Step 2: Place your My Number Card on the card reader, and enter your PIN number.
Step 3: Remove your My Number Card from the card reader
Step 4: Follow the directions on the screen for the certificate you need issued, and the information you wish to have printed on it.
Step 5: Pay the processing fee, and take the certificate that is issued.

(補足)Inkan Registration Cards, Basic Resident's Registration Cards, and Kashiwa Resident's Cards cannot be used.

To make use of this system, you will need to get a My Number Card

All you need to have your documents issued is your My Number Card. If you do not already have a My Number Card, the first thing you will need to do is apply for one.

Get the services available with a My Number Card!

In order to get a My Number Card, an application process is required. The documents required for your application were sent out by registered mail in November of last year in the same envelope as the My Number notification card. For more information, please contact the Kashiwa City My Number Call Center.

How to apply

To apply for your My Number Card, you can choose from two methods; by mail or internet. The first time your card is issued, there is no processing fee.

【By Mail】
Step 1: Use the issuance application form that was delivered in November of last year in the same envelope with the My Number documents. Complete the required parts of the application form, attach an identification photo of your face, and send the application by mail using the return envelope that was provided.

【By Internet】
Step 1: First, take an identification photo of your face using your smartphone or other device, and store the photo file. Next, access the website for the My Number Card application using the QR code on the application form that you received. Enter the required information on the online form, attach your identification photo file data, and send the form.

Step 2: At a later date, you will receive the documents (issuance  notification, pick-up information, etc) required to pick up your My Number Card. Please follow the instructions included in the envelope, and make an appointment to pick up your card.

Step 3: At the time and date of your appointment, bring the required documents (your My Number notification card, driver's license or other form of identification, your issuance notification, etc), to the City Hall, Main Building, 1st Floor Lobby. The applicant must come in person.
◎For more information, please see the pick-up information.

(補足)In order to receive the convenient services, you will be required to register a PIN number when you apply for your card. If you wish to receive the services, please do not forget the PIN number that you register.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my My Number Card after I submit the application?
A: You will be able to receive your card at least one month after your application has been submitted.

Q: After I receive my pick-up information, when will I be able to pick up my card?
A: Pick-up is by appointment. Please make an appointment by phone or internet for your pick-up date and time. You will be able to pick up your card between 8:30am and 5:15pm on weekdays, and on two Sundays each month.

Q: I have not received my My Number notification card, or I have misplaced it, so I can't apply for a My Number Card.
A: If you have an issuance application form, you will be able to apply for a My Number Card. If you would like to have it re-issued, please contact the Call Center.

Q: What is the benefit of having a My Number Card?
A: If you have a My Number Card, you will be able to have your My Number and personal identification in one card. In addition to the Resident's Registration Certificate, and other document issuing services at the convenience stores starting in November, you will be able to use e-Tax to create income tax returns on the internet. Another new service, called "Maina Portal", is scheduled to begin in the next fiscal year. This service will allow you to check information related to My Number using the internet and other sources.

Q: Will I be able to use the My Number Card at the Automated Certificate Issuing Machines?
A: No, you will not be able to use it. The Automated Certificate Issuing Machines are scheduled to be discontinued after Sunday, September 30, 2018.

Q: I have My Number Card, but I have not registered a PIN number.
A: You can also register a PIN number after your card has been issued. If you wish to register a PIN number, please complete the required form at the Citizens' Division (City Hall Main Building, 1st Floor), or the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor).

Q: I have lost my My Number Card.
A: Please call the My Number General Hotline (0120-95-0178) to suspend the card services, and then file a report of the loss at your nearest police station, and at the Citizens' Division. (If there is a concern that your My Number personal information has been leaked or there has been unauthorized use, it is possible to change your My Number. For more information, please call the My Number General Hotline.)



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