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Kashiwa's three big fall festivals

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park Festival

Date and time: Saturday, October 8, 9:30am to 3:00pm
Events: Sales of local farm products and local specialties, food stands operated by agricultural and commercial associations, specialty products on sale by the Furusato City-Hometown Exchange, a stamp rally, tea time, and more.
Access: ▶From the Kashiwa Station West Exit, take the bus bound for Mitsui Danchi (三井団地行き), and get off at the Tsuchiyatsu Iriguchi (土谷津入口) bus stop - the event location is a 10-minute walk from the bus stop. ▶From the Abiko Station North Exit, take the bus bound for Akebonoyama Koen (あけぼの山公園行き), and get off at the last stop. The event location is a 7-minute walk from the bus stop.
For information on the event or location, please contact the Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Phone: 04-7133-8877

Shonan Festival - Great for Kids!

(補足)May be cancelled in case of inclement weather
Date and Time: Sunday, October 9, 10:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Seven Park Ario Kashiwa (Oshimata)
Events: Commercial and industrial product exhibition and on-the-spot sales, culture groups and art umbrella displays, hands-on craft areas, a "Tega Rangers" show, Yosakoi Dance, food stands, inflatable play equipment, bungee trampoline, and more.
Access: From the Kashiwa Station East Exit, take the bus bound for Shonan Shako (沼南車庫行き), and get off at the Seven Park Ario Kashiwa Mae (セブンパークアリオ柏前) bus stop - the event is a 3-minute walk from the bus stop.
Contact: Shonan Matsuri Executive Committee (in the Kashiwa City Shonan Commerce and Industry Association) - Phone: 04-7191-2803, or the Shonan Branch Office, General Affairs Division - Phone: 04-7191-7314

Kashiwa Ichiba Matsuri - Market Festival 2016

Date and Time: Sunday, October 16, 8:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Kosetsu Sogo Chiho Oroshiuri Ichiba (公設総合地方卸売市場) - Kashiwa's Wholesale Market
Events: Tuna slicing show and on-the-spot sales, mock auction, sales of fresh local vegetables, seafood and flowers, market food served in the festival area, shuttle aquarium with fish, ice slide, ice sculpture event, stage events (BELL'Z, Shonan Sentai and the Tega Rangers), and more.
Access: A free shuttle bus is available from the Kashiwa Station West Exit. (7:30am to 1:10pm)
Contact: Kashiwa Ichiba Matsuri Executive Committee - Phone: 04-7131-2620  

Authorized Day Care Centers and Private Kindergartens are accepting enrollment applications

Contact: Kashiwa City Private Kindergarten Association - Phone: 04-7166-7719, or the Nursery School Administration Division - Phone: 04-7167-1137

At each Authorized Day Care Center (Group 1 Authorized Children), and Private Kindergarten in Kashiwa City, application forms will be available from Saturday, October 15, and applications will be accepted from Tuesday, November 1.
◎ For more information on the system, and how to apply, please contact the day care center or nursery school where you wish to enroll your child.

Applications for authorization of the "Disability Deduction for seniors will be accepted

The disability deduction allows recipients to claim a deduction on their income tax return. Applications will begin to be accepted for authorization to receive this deduction.
Eligibility: Those who are 65 years of age and over, authorized to receive nursing care, and in possession of a Disabled Person's Passbook.
(補足)If the person in question or his or her dependent family members are exempt from payment of Resident's Tax, he or she is not eligible to apply. Even if he or she has authorization to receive nursing care, the deduction may not be granted.
Application forms: Available at the Nursing Care Insurance Division (City Hall Annex, 2nd Floor), Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), all branch offices and Community Comprehensive Support Centers. (補足)Application forms can be downloaded from the city homepage.
Application process: Complete all required parts of the application form, and mail it to 〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Nursing Care Insurance Division, or submit your application directly at the reception desk where they are available (not including branch offices).
Contact: Nursing Care Insurance Division - Phone: 04-7167-1134



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