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Temporary Welfare Benefits will continue to be provided this year

Contact: Temporary Welfare Benefits Inquiry Line - ☎04-7167-1192

  In Kashiwa City, application forms will be sent out by mail at the end of September to those who may qualify to receive benefits. Please complete the application forms as soon as possible.
Eligibility: Those who are registered residents of Kashiwa City as of January 1, 2016, and who are not required to pay Resident Tax in the 2016 fiscal year. (補足)Not including dependents of those who are required to pay Resident Tax, or those who are receiving Public Assistance.
Benefits: One payment only of 3,000 yen will be provided to each person who qualifies for benefits.
Application: By Wednesday, January 4 of next year, please complete the required parts of the application form provided, and return it by mail using the reply envelope provided (the postmarked date will be accepted). Applications may also be made in person at the reception desk in the City Hall Main Building, 1st Floor Lobby.
Other: Those who are receiving Basic Disability Pension, or Basic Pension for Surviving Family Members, and are eligible to receive Temporary Welfare Benefits will be provided with a combined benefit amount of 30,000 yen. (補足)Does not apply to those who have received benefits for senior citizens.

Hepatitis B vaccinations will begin as a routine immunization for infants

Contact: Community Health-Making Division - ☎04-7167-1256

  Beginning on Saturday, October 1, the Hepatitis B vaccination will be a routine immunization. Notices will be sent out in sequence to those who are eligible.
Eligibility: Current residents of Kashiwa City who are under one year of age, and were born on or after April 1, 2016.
Number of vaccinations: 3 (補足)Children who have already started the vaccinations will be eligible for the remaining number of vaccinations.
Where to receive vaccinations: Designated medical facilities in Kashiwa City
Cost: Free of charge
◎For more information, please refer to the notice, or visit the Kashiwa City homepage.

Don't forget to get ready for the enrollment of new students

Enrollment in schools outside of your school area

Contact: Schools and Education Division - ☎04-7191-7367

  If you plan to enroll your child in an elementary or junior high school outside of your designated school area in April of next year, please complete an application form after referring to the following information. (Please refer to the enrollment notice for your designated school which will be sent out by mail at the end of September.)
  Enrollment in a school outside of your designated school area will only be approved if there is a special reason such as moving, reasons related to mental or physical condition, or the employment situation of the parent or guardian.
  Some schools have enrollment restrictions. Also, the enrollment application periods are different depending on the school.
1.Schools that are not accepting enrollment applications
 ▶Elementary Schools = Kashiwa Dai-Ichi, Kashiwa Dai-Ni, Yutaka, Asahi-Higashi, Kazahaya-Hokubu, Takayanagi, Takayanagi-Nishi, Kashiwanoha
 ▶Junior High Schools = Kashiwa, Takayanagi
 (補足)If the child's older brother or sister is registered at the school as of April 1 of next year, applications will be accepted (not including Kashiwanoha Elementary School).
 Application period: Monday, October 3 to Monday, October 31
2.Schools that are accepting a limited number of enrollment applications
 ▶Elementary Schools = Kashiwa Dai-San, Kashiwa Dai-Yon, Kashiwa Dai-Go, Hikarigaoka, Tanaka, Asahi, Fujigokoro, Sakaine-Higashi, Matsuba Dai-Ni, Toyofuta
 ▶Junior High Schools = Kashiwa Dai-Ni, Kashiwa Dai-Go, Hikarigaoka, Toyoshiki
 Application period: Monday, October 3 to Monday, October 31
 (補足)If the number of applicants exceeds the number of enrollment spaces available, enrollment will be selected by draw. The results of the draw will be available on Friday, November 11 on the city homepage, and at the Schools and Education Division (Shonan Building, 2nd Floor)
3.Schools not listed in part 1 and 2
 Application period: Monday, October 3 to Tuesday, January 31 of next year
<Items applicable to all applications>
Application location: Schools and Education Division (Shonan Building, 2nd Floor)
(補足)Applications cannot be made at any other locations. Applications must be made by the child's parent or guardian, or by a relative.
Items to bring: If you wish to make the application because you plan to move, please bring a document that shows your new address.
Notification of results: When the application for enrollment in a school outside of your school area is accepted, a notice will be sent from the Schools and Education Division to the school outside of your area where your child will be enrolled.
Other: If you complete your application by Monday, October 31, the location of the school enrollment health check (see section below) can be changed. However, for enrollment applications for elementary schools listed in part 2, the health check will be performed at your child's designated school.
◎For more information, please visit the Kashiwa City homepage, or contact the Schools and Education Division.

Health checks for children starting school

Contact: School Health Division - ☎04-7191-7376

  Starting from November, health checks will be done for children who will be entering elementary school in April of next year. Health check notices addressed to the head of household will be sent out by mail at the end of September to households with eligible children. Please have the health check done after confirming the date and location. If you have not received a notice, please contact the School Health Division.
Date and Time: Designated dates and times in November
Location: The elementary school where your child is scheduled to be enrolled.
Eligibility: Children who were born between April 2, 2010, and April 1, 2011
Items to bring: The health check notice with all of the required parts filled out, indoor shoes
◎For more information, please visit the Kashiwa City homepage.

(Important points)
○Please make sure the the child has finished lunch, and come to the health check location within the reception hours.
○Please refrain from coming by car.
○The child and parent or guardian must be together when waiting in line, and going to the reception desk.
○Make sure the child is dressed in clothing on his or her upper body that he or she can put on and take off without assistance.



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