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September 1st is Disaster Preparedness Day - Be informed about what to do if a disaster occurs

Contact: Disaster and Safety Division ☎04-7167-1115

September 1st is Disaster Preparedness Day. Make sure you have emergency supplies set aside at home, and make sure you know the location of emergency evacuation areas and how to contact your family. We do not know when or where a disaster will strike. If you are caught away from home, remember to react calmly. It is important to be prepared in order to protect yourself and your home if a disaster occurs.

Do not move from place to place unnecessarily - plan your actions and react calmly

If public transportation is stopped due to a large-scale disaster, do not move from place to place unnecessarily. If many people start to move all at once, emergency vehicles may be caught in traffic, and it may prevent emergency rescue activities from proceeding smoothly. Please be sure to bear in mind the following points.
◆Ensure your own safety.
◆Stay calm, and remain in a safe place. If you begin to move from place to place unnecessarily, you could be putting yourself at risk of injury from fire or falling objects from buildings. In case you have to stay at an evacuation shelter temporarily, or you have to return home on foot, make sure that you have the necessary supplies stored at your workplace.
◆Know how to check on the whereabouts of your family members, and how to confirm whether or not your home is safe.
Message services such as Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) (for regular phones), emergency message service for mobile phones, and web171 (computer) can be used. Make sure you know how to use the service by using a trial run. For more information, please see the NTT East Japan homepage.
◆Get information on the damage situation for transportation facilities and roads.
You can get information on the condition of trains and roads on the disaster prevention site for your prefecture, and each railway company's homepage.

Countermeasures for preventing electrical fires following an earthquake

During the Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake, and the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake, many fires were caused by electrical sources. One cause of fire came from restoring electricity after a power outage. In order to prevent electrical fires that can occur when power is restored, in the event of a large earthquake, make sure to shut off the breaker before you go to an evacuation shelter.
In the case that nobody is home, or if the power outage occurs at night, an earthquake-sensitive breaker is effective for preventing fire when the breaker cannot be shut off manually.
(補足)Install a safety light (a light that comes on if the power goes out) along with the earthquake-sensitive breaker.

Honjo Bousai-Kan (Life Safety Learning Center) tour for foreigners

Date and Time: Thursday, October 13, 9:45am to 4:30pm
Meeting place: In front of the City Hall, Main Building
Number of places available: 30
Cost: 500 yen (補足)Includes the cost of lunch
Application: Application forms are available at the Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center. By Friday, September 30, please fill out the required parts of the form, and submit it in person at the Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center. (補足)If there are more applicants than places available, participants will be chosen by draw. Application forms can also be downloaded from the Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center homepage.
◎For more information, please visit the center's homepage.
Contact: Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center ☎04-7157-0281

International Festa 2016 in Kashiwa

Date and Time: Sunday, September 25, 11:30am to 3:00pm
Place: The "Howdy Mall" shopping street in front of Kashiwa Station, the Wood Deck at the Kashiwa Station East Exit, and Palette Kashiwa (補足)May be cancelled in case of inclement weather
Events: A showcase of the international exchange activities with Sister Cities and Friendship Cities, dances performed in traditional ethnic clothing, a bazaar, ethnic food restaurant booth, and more.
Contact: Kashiwa Cross-Cultural Center ☎04-7157-0281 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)



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