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Your cooperation is appreciated for the traffic regulations at the 2016 Teganuma Fireworks Festival

Contact: Teganuma Fireworks Festival Executive Committee - Phone: 7162-3325, or the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-1141

The Teganuma Fireworks Festival, a huge event that brings sparkle to summer in Kashiwa, will be held again this year. Don't miss the powerful fireworks display!
Date and Time: Saturday, August 6, 7:00 - 8:30pm (Fireworks will start at 7:10pm) (Please note)In case of poor weather, the event will be postponed to Sunday, August 7.
Viewing Area: Along the Teganuma Shizen Fureai Greenspace Path.
◎The special traffic regulations will be in effect from 6 to 9pm on the day of the event.


Kashiwa Dai-Ichi Kaijo Event Area:Teganuma Shizen Fureai Greenspace Path by the Kita-Chiba Dou-Sui Waterworks Visitor's Center (a 25-minute walk from Kita-Kashiwa Station South Exit, or a 40-minute walk from the Kashiwa Station East Exit)

Kashiwa Dai-Ni Kaijo Event Area:Teganuma Shizen Fureai Greenspace Path by Michi no Eki Shonan (a 20-minute walk from the Ooi Bus Stop (大井停留所) - Take the Tobu Bus (bound for Shonan) from bus stop number 1 at the Kashiwa Station East Exit)

Abiko Kaijo Event Area:Teganuma Park and Teganuma Fureai Line (a 10-minute walk from Abiko Station South Exit)

Please note: ●Flight or operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is prohibited in the Teganuma area.
●Viewing the fireworks from the Tega Ohashi Bridge is prohibited.
Other: There are no parking lots available. A special phone service is available to check whether or not the fireworks will be held as scheduled (0180-991-155). Please follow the instructions of the security personnel around the event area.

The 25th anniversary of the Guam Friendship City Association will be celebrated at the Kashiwa Festival

 Contact: Cooperative Promotion Division - Phone: 7168-1033

We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Friendship City Association with Guam. To mark the occasion, a panel display booth will be set up at the Kashiwa Festival to showcase the history of Kashiwa's friendship with Guam. A traditional Chamorro Dance will also be performed, showing off some of Guam's unique charms.
Date and Time: Saturday, July 30, 1:00 to 7:00pm
Place ▶Panel Display Booth = Kashiwa Station East Exit Double Deck ▶Chamorro Dance (3:10 to 3:25pm) = East Exit Stage

Children's Medical Expenses Subsidy Cards will be sent out

Children's Medical Expense Subsidy cards will be renewed, and the new cards, valid from Monday, August 1, will be sent out by mail on Tuesday, July 26.
Eligibility: Children up to the 3rd year of Junior High School. (Please note)For children in 4th year elementary school or above, there is an income limit for outpatient hospital visits and prescriptions.
Amount to be paid by the individual: One outpatient hospital visit, or one day of inpatient care will be 300 yen, or free of charge.
(Please note) Prescriptions covered by insurance are free of charge.
Other: Please dispose of subsidy cards that have exceeded their date of validity.
Contact: Child Allowance and Children's Medical Expenses Benefits Reception Desk (within the Child Welfare Division) - Phone: 7128-9923



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