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There are child-care jobs available to suit you and your lifestyle

The lack of people to take on the task of child-raising support is a becoming a serious issue nationwide. In Kashiwa City, everyone's help is required, from people with a day-care worker's or kindergarten teacher's certification, to those who have no certification, just an interest in child-care work. In this issue, we will tell you about some of the jobs that support child-raising households, as well as some of the convenient tools to help you receive  recruitment/employment information, and get encouragement for returning to work.
Contact: Nursery School Administration Division - Phone: 7167-1137

A new program in this prefecture! "Child-Care Job E-Mail" distribution will begin... Sign up now!

People who are hoping to find work, or return to the workplace, have said that the most difficult part is getting information about available employment. In response to everyone who has raised concerns such as "Is there any information about available employment?" or "I'm worried about the blank in my work history...", the city will begin to distribute a "Child-Care Job E-Mail". By completing the simple registration, you will receive your requested information at the email address you have provided.


There are so many jobs to support child-raising

In this part, we will highlight some child-care jobs that have a particularly high demand for workers. Take a look, and find the job that's right for you.

●Authorized Day-care Centers and Nursery Schools
Children aged 0 to pre-school age are dropped off for day-care. Jobs are available for several different types of employment; both regular and part-time staff, those with or without certification, and those who have a blank in their job history are welcome. Authorized day-care centers (Kodomo-En) are facilities with combined nursery school and kindergarten services.

Children from age three up to just before starting school are dropped off for day-care. Just like the nursery school jobs, there are several different types of employment available, and those with a blank in their employment history are welcome. At kindergarten, children's learning is supported, nurturing a foundation for their day-to-day life and studies in elementary school and beyond.

●After-school Day-care
This day-care service is for elementary school children. Children can be dropped off after school, or during long holidays, and are provided with snacks and playtime. The working hours are mainly in the afternoons, and there are also positions available which do not require certification.

●Child Centers
Opportunities to play and socialize are provided for elementary school, junior high school and high school children. There are also classes and consultation available for parents with their babies. This service supports children's growth and development, and child-raising.

●Family Support Centers
Several different types of jobs and working hours are available for tasks such as picking up and dropping off children for after-school day care or nursery school, or babysitting at home. You can use your spare time for this kind of work.

Himawari Plaza Matsuri

This will be the first festival since the Shonan Kominkan was relocated to the Himawari Plaza (Shonan Kinrin Center).
Schedule: Sunday, May 22 and Friday, May 27 to Sunday, May 29, 9:00am to 4:30pm.
Activities: Karaoke performance, Go and Shogi tournament (May 22), stage performance (original dances, concerts, folk songs and dances), arts and crafts display (handicrafts, photo exhibit, artwork), food stands (May 27 to 29), and more.
Location and contact: Himawari Plaza - Phone: 7192-1111

Make sure to get a cancer screening

Cancer is the number one cause of death for Japanese people. Get a cancer screening done now, especially while there are no symptoms. (補足)The city's cancer screening system is by registration.
How to register: Use either of the following methods
▶Use the "Chiba Electronic Application Service" (ちば電子申請サービス) on the city homepage.
▶Pick up a registration postcard available at the Public Health Center, Adult Health Check Division (Wellness Kashiwa, 3rd Floor), Health Insurance and Pension Division (City Hall, Main Building, 1st Floor), Mother and Child Health Corner (City Hall, Annex, 3rd Floor), or any Kinrin Center or Branch Office. Complete the required parts of the registration, and send it by post.
Contact: Public Health Center, Adult Health Check Division - Phone: 7168−3715



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