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AEDs are now stationed in convenience stores

An AED is used as a first-aid device in case of sudden cardiac arrest, when someone's heart stops.

In Kashiwa City, 146 convenience stores will be equipped with an AED beginning in August, and city residents will be 

able to use them.

This is the second trial project for municipalities in this prefecture. If someone important to you, or someone right in 

front of you suffered an accident, what kind of action would you take?

Contact: Fire Department, Emergency Division - Phone: 7133-0118

This sticker shows where AEDs are stationed!


What is an AED?

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a device that provides an electric shock to a heart to restore the movement of the stopped heart. When the power is turned on, the device uses a voice message along with a light that blinks on and off to guide you though the steps to use the AED, so anyone can use it easily. Even though "electric shock" sounds a bit scary, the electricity is directed in a careful manner. Also, the AED itself automatically determines whether or not an electric shock is required.

AEDs that are currently available in Kashiwa City

Up to this point in time, 191 AEDs have been stationed in Kashiwa City, mainly in locations such as public facilities. With this new program, the location where they are installed will be changed to convenience stores and public facilities that are open 24 hours a day, and with the change, the number of AEDs will be increased to 423. We hope that with this change, more lives can be saved.

I want to know how to use an AED!

If you come across someone who is sick or injured, the first thing you should do is call for someone to help you. When you have their cooperation, ask them to call 119, and to bring an AED. Start CPR (30 chest compressions, and artificial respiration 2 times), and continue CPR while you are waiting for the AED. Use the AED as soon as it arrives.

1.Switch the power on, and apply the electrode pads.


●Place the AED near the sick or injured person, and switch the power on. Operate the AED by following the voice instructions and the the blinking lamp signal.
●Remove the clothing of the sick or injured person to expose the chest, and apply the electrode pads to the upper right and lower left areas of a dry chest.

2.Analysis of the electrocardiogram and electric shock


●The AED will analyze the electrocardiogram. If the AED determines that an electric shock is necessary, you will hear the message "Shokku ga hitsuyou desu" (A shock is required), and the device will start charging.
●The user will warn everyone around the victim to step back, and then and then press the "shock" button.

3.Resume CPR


●After the electric shock, start CPR again.
●After about 2 minutes, the AED will analyze the electrocardiogram again. After the analysis, repeat 2. and 3., following the directions of the voice message.

Life-saving classes will be held!

Every Monday, there is a free class running in Kashiwa City.
Eligibility: People who live, work or attend school in Kashiwa. Junior high school age and above.
How to apply: Please call the Fire Department, Emergency Division, at least one week before the day on which you wish to attend the class.
◎For more information on the dates when classes are being held, please see the Kashiwa City Fire Department homepage.

Can you be more careful about the way you dispose of garbage?

Contact: Environmental Service Division (Kankyo Sa-bisu Ka) - Phone: 7167-1139
On a day-to-day basis, everyone uses and maintains the garbage collection areas. Regarding these areas, the city hears from people who have suffered damage and other difficulties from garbage being disposed of in a way that is against the rules, and from crows getting into the garbage. Let's dispose of garbage according to the rules, and keep the garbage collection areas clean.
●Are you putting garbage out for disposal at the scheduled times? Please put the garbage out for disposal on the morning of the collection day. If garbage is put out after the collection is finished, or on a day other than the collection day, it cannot be collected.
●Are you using a net or other measure to keep the crows away?
Even if you are using a net, do not just cover the top of the garbage bags. If you use a large net to completely wrap all of the garbage together, damage from crows can be reduced. A net with a small weave is the most effective.


Expansion of eligible illnesses for the Treatment of Incurable Diseases Subsidy System

Contact: Public Health Center, Health Protection Division (Hokenjo, Hoken Yobo Ka) - Phone: 7167-1254
This system is based on the "law regarding medical treatment, etc. For patients with incurable diseases", which started January 1, 2015. From July 1, 196 illnesses have been newly added, which brings the total number of eligible illnesses to 306. Those who have been approved will be able to receive a subsidy for the cost of medical treatment (for medical treatment under health insurance) for the portion that the patient is responsible to pay after insurance.
Other: There will be an amount that the patient is responsible to pay, which is based on the municipal tax amount.
◎For more information on illnesses which are eligible, as well as how to apply, please contact the Public Health Center, Health Protection Division.

Temporary closure of the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, and the Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Due to the regulated inspection work that will be taking place, the center will be closed on the following date.
Date: Wednesday, August 19
Services that will be closed: All Kashiwa Eki-Mae Service Center services, certificate issue from the Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine.
◎Please inquire for more information.
Contact: Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center - Phone: 7168-5500

Please submit the current situation report for the Special Dependent Child Allowance

If you are receiving the Special Dependent Child Allowance (Tokubetsu Fuyo Jido Teate), please submit your income situation report and child allowance certificate to the Disability and Welfare Division (City Hall Annex, 2nd floor), or the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Branch, 1st floor) by Thursday, September 10. If you miss the submission deadline, you may not be able to receive an allowance within this year.
Other: If you do not receive a notice in the mail, please contact us.
Contact: Disability and Welfare Division (Shogai Fukushi Ka) - Phone: 7167-1136

The Akebonoyama Agricultural Park Office will be moved

The main building at the Akebonoyama Agricultural Park will be undergoing anti-earthquake reinforcement construction work from Monday, August 17 to Friday, February 26 of next year. During this time, the office will be moved to the Archives Museum Building (Shiryo Kan). With this temporary change, the training room and meeting room will be unavailable for use during this time.
Contact: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Phone: 7133-8877



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