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An election will be held on Sunday, August 9 for the members of the Kashiwa City Assembly

Contact: Election Management Committee Office (Senkyo Kanri Iinkai Jimusho) - Phone: 7167-1092

The Kashiwa City Assembly members election will be announced on Sunday, August 2, and voting will take place on Sunday, August 9. The polls will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Who can vote

Those who meet the following criteria, 1. to 3., and are registered on the Kashiwa City permanent voter registration list, may vote in the Kashiwa City Assembly members election.
1. Those who are registered as residents of Kashiwa, registered on or before May 1, 2015, and have an address in Kashiwa City continuously up until the polling date (or the advance polling date).
2. Those who were born on or before August 10, 1995.
3. Those who have not had their right to vote or run in an election under the terms of the Public Offices Election Act revoked as of the polling date. 

Votes will be counted on the same day

Date and Time: Sunday, August 9, from 9:15 pm
Location: Central Gymnasium (Chuo Taikukan)
Announcement of vote counts: The first counts will be announced at 10:00pm, and every 30 minutes until the vote counts are finished. Up-to-date information will also be available on the city homepage.
Other: Please refrain from coming by car.

The Kashiwa Citizens Activity Center (Shimin Katsudo Center) will be moved in May of next year

Contact: Cooperative Promotion Division (Kyodo Suishin Ka) Phone: 7167-0941

The Kashiwa Citizens Activity Center will move to the 3rd floor of the Kashiwa City Culture and Exchange Facility (Kashiwa-Shi Bunka - Koryu Fukugo Shisetsu) commercial and residential complex, currently under construction in the D-block, Area 1 of the Kashiwa Station East Exit. Along with this change, the Citizens Activity Center currently located in the commercial district in front of Kashiwa Station (Howdy Mall) will close on Saturday, April 30 of next year.
■Kashiwa City Culture and Exchange Facility
This facility will serve to expand and reinforce the services provided by the current Citizens Activity Center, and will bring together the services of the Citizens Gallery, International Exchange Center, and the Gender Equality Center. With the concept of "A place for citizens to get together, do activities and participate in cultural exchange", the new facility will include a multi-purpose meeting room and free-use open space, as well as a gallery. It will provide a new way for citizens to participate in cooperative and cultural exchange activities.
Scheduled opening: May of next year

Please submit the current situation report for your Dependent Child Allowance

Submission deadline: Monday, August 31
How to submit: Please bring the necessary forms directly to the Children's Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi-Ka), on the 3rd floor of the City Hall Annex, or at the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor). ※Submissions by mail will not be accepted.
Evening and holiday reception desk: 1.Evening and holiday reception desks will be open at the 1.Children's Welfare Division, and the 2.Reception Desk Service Division
Evening reception: Thursday, August 13, Friday, August 21, and Tuesday, August 25 until 8:00pm. ※only on Friday, August 21 at location 2..
Holiday reception: Saturday, August 22, from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Contact: Children's Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi Ka) - Phone: 7167-1595, or Reception Desk Service Division (Madoguchi Sa-bisu Ka) - Phone: 7191-7392

Children's Medical Expense Subsidy tickets will be sent out by mail

Period of validity: Until Sunday, July 31 of next year.※For some children who will enter their 4th year of elementary school or those who will enter their 1st year of high school next year, the tickets will be valid until Thursday, March 31 of next year.
Eligibility: Children up until the end of their 3rd year of Junior High School. ※For children who are in their 4th year of elementary school and up, there is an income limitation for outpatient treatment subsidy.
Details of subsidy: Medical treatment will be provided for 300 yen or free of charge for each outpatient hospital visit or for each day of inpatient care. ※Pharmacy service under health insurance is provided free of charge.
Other: Please dispose of expired subsidy tickets on an individual basis.
Contact: Children's Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi Ka) - Phone: 7167-1595 

Sunday, August 23 - Let's play!

Location/Inquiries: Chuo-Kominkan (Central Community Hall) - Phone: 7164-1811

❶ Parent and Child Cooking Class ▶▶10:00 am to 12:30 pm

"Nagashi Somen (noodles flowing in a flume that you catch with chopsticks!) and Fruit Salad"
Eligibility: Elementary school students who live in Kashiwa City, and their parent or guardian. About 15 groups, and a total of 15 people.
Cost: 300 yen per person. ※If you cancel on the day of the event, you may be asked to pay for the cost of ingredients at a later date.
What to bring: Apron, kerchief and a mask.

❷ Parent and Child Computer Class ▶▶1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

"Let's play on a computer!"
Eligibility: Elementary school students who live in Kashiwa City, and their parent or guardian. About 10 groups, and a total of 20 people.
Activities: Coloring, making greeting cards and aquariums, and hands-on Internet experience.

Applications for ❶ and ❷

Please complete a postcard, with your postal code, address, your child's name (in furigana), age, phone number, school year and gender, the parent or guardian's name, and the class you wish to attend. Send the postcard to 〒277-0005, Kashiwa 5-8-12, Kashiwa Chuo Kominkan. Postcards must be received by Thursday, August 13. You can also send your application by fax to 7163-9364, or by email to info-chkm@city.kashiwa.lg.jp
※If there are more applicants than spaces available, participants will be chosen by draw.

❸ Children's Hands-on Experience Classroom ▶▶Open from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

1 - Miracle Ribbon
We'll be making gourd shapes and flower-bud shapes from 5 colors of aluminium film.
2 - Sweets Deco and Cream Parfait
We'll be making cream parfaits using sweets decorations.
3 - Original My Bag
Make your own original bag from the fabric you like.
4 - Make your own spinning top and play!
We'll be making big spinning tops from cup noodle containers.
5 - Tole painting
We'll be using colored paints on cut-out wooden boards to make pictures of dolphins and other sea creatures.
6 - Chocolate cake cases
We'll be using felt to make little accessory cases that look like chocolate cakes. 

For all events in number ❸ classroom

Eligibility: Elementary school students. The first 15 children to arrive at each activity may participate. Cost: 300 yen for each event. Registration: Please register directly at the event.



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