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700,000 people are going to get the town moving at the Kashiwa Matsuri!

Date and Time: Saturday, July 25 and Sunday, July 26, 1pm to 8pm ※May be cancelled in case of poor weather.
This year's theme is "From Kashiwa to the World!! Let’s show the best of Kashiwa, and the future of Kashiwa." This year don't just come to the festival, participate in the events! Send a message of all the unique charms of Kashiwa City.
Contact: Kashiwa Matsuri Executive Committee - Phone: 7162-3315, Community Support Division - Phone: 7167-1126

Time Schedule


◎ For more information, please see the city homepage, the Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry homepage, or the flyer in the newspaper (on Thursday, July 23).

The Kashiwa Station East Exit opening parade

Many different groups will be in the parade, carrying big yellow flags with "The best of Kashiwa (Kashiwa no Miryoku)" written on them, sending off Kashiwa's charms for the entire world to see.
Date and Time: Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26, 1:15pm to 2pm 
Location: Around the East Exit of Kashiwa Station
Other: To create some images of Kashiwa City for PR use, the parade will be recorded on video.

The NEW Kashiwa Odori dance contest for elementary school students 2015

Eight elementary schools from Kashiwa City will be participating. The children will show lots of energy in the up-beat Kashiwa Odori dance.
Date and Time: Sunday July 26, 2:40pm to 3:40pm
Location: The Kashiwa Station West Exit event area

Mikoshi Parade of Portable Shrines

The lively Mikoshi parade of portable shrines kicks the festival excitement up a notch!
Date and Time: Sunday, July 26, 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: The street in front of Kashiwa Station's East Exit
Other: We're looking for people to help carry the portable shrines (on Sunday, July 26 only; he first 500 entries will be accepted). For more information, including how to apply, please see the Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry homepage. 

Please cooperate with traffic regulations

As described on the separate map, traffic will be regulated for the festival for two days from noon to 9:00pm. Also, please use the bicycle parking lots in the area if you come to the event by bicycle.


Bicycles left in no-parking areas will be removed

Date: Friday, July 24
Location: The areas around the Kashiwa Station East and West Exits where bicycle parking is prohibited.
Other: For the return of bicycles that have been removed, a removal and storage fee of 3,090 yen will be charged for each bicycle.

※Please refrain from smoking in the areas where smoking is prohibited around Kashiwa Station.

※Please refrain from using radio-controlled aircraft (drones, etc.) at the event.

Colours bloom across the night sky - Teganuma Fireworks Festival 2015

Date and Time: Saturday, August 1, 7:00pm to 8:30pm (fireworks will begin at 7:10pm)
※ In case of poor weather, the event will be postponed to Sunday, August 2. You can check whether or not the event will take place using a telephone service (0180-991-155), beginning at 8:00am on the day of the event.
The Teganuma Fireworks Festival is a big part of summer in Kashiwa, and it is being held again this year. There will be fireworks over the water, and powerful Ultra Jumbo Starmine fireworks set off in rapid-fire succession, as well as the Character Mine (fireworks with images of characters) that are hugely popular with children. The event will be jam-packed with spectacular fireworks! We hope you come out to enjoy a night sky filled with magic.
Contact: Teganuma Fireworks Festival Executive Committee - Phone: 7162-3325, or the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division (Shoko Shinko Ka) - Phone: 7167-1141

Sales of gallery seats (Sajiki-Seki) for the general public at the Teganuma Kashiwa Dai-Ichi Kaijo Event Area

Cost (for a chair seat): per person = 3,000 yen, per pair = 5,500 yen, group of 4 = 10,000 yen.
Application: From noon on Wednesday, July 1, please use any of the following application methods.
●Lawson Ticket ※Required L Code (33484)
1.Use a "Loppi", stationed at Lawson and Mini-Stop convenience stores across Japan.
2.Make a reservation by phone ▶automated voice guidance system reservation - Phone: 0570-084-003 ▶Reservation through an operator - Phone: 0570-000-407 (10am to 8pm. From noon to 8pm on the first day)
3.Use the Lawson Ticket homepage ※Member registration is required
●Seven Ticket
1.Use a multi-copy machine, stationed at Seven-Eleven convenience stores across Japan.
2.Use the Seven Ticket homepage ※Member registration is required

A viewing area for wheelchair users is available

Location: Teganuma Kashiwa Dai-Ichi Kaijo Event Area
Capacity: The first 15 people to register ※As a general rule, up to one person may accompany the wheelchair user.
Application: From Thursday, July 2 at 9am to Friday, July 10 at 5pm, please call the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division (Shoko Shinko Ka)

Accepting personal message fireworks

To show your gratitude or have a celebration for that special person in your life, the message will be announced before the fireworks are set off. Why not try expressing your thoughts with fireworks?
Eligibility: Individuals only, not including businesses or shops.
Cost: 50,000 yen per message
Application: Until Tuesday, July 14
◎ For more information, please contact the festival executive committee.

Part of the amount covered by the individual with Nursing Care Service Insurance will changed to 20%

Contact: Senior Citizen's Support Division - Phone: 7167-1135
Part of the Nursing Care Service Insurance system has been revised, and those who are 65 years of age and older, with income above a certain amount will have the amount covered by the individual changed to 20% starting with the Nursing Care Insurance amount used in August. (For those who are 64 years of age and under, the amount will remain at 10%.) Regarding this change, everyone whose requirements for support and nursing care are approved will receive a "certificate of the amount covered by the individual for nursing care insurance"in the mail at the beginning of July.

■Criteria for determining the amount covered by the individual


 ※Total income amount… Income from sources such as pension or salary, after all necessary deductions have been from the pension income and salaried income, etc.
◆When the "certificate of the amount covered by the individual for nursing care insurance"  arrives:
Please check the percentage covered by the user, and present the certificate to your care manager, or the service office or facility that you are using.
◆Please contact us if the following applies to you:
The amount covered by the individual may change, so please contact the Senior Citizen's Support Division immediately.
▶Those who have adjusted their previous year income at the tax office
▶Those who have made changes to their resident's card.

Educational support will begin for single-parent households

Contact: Child Welfare Division - Phone: 7167-1595
University student volunteers will start to provide educational support to improve basic academic skills for elementary school grades 5 and 6 children from single-mother or single-father households.
Dates and times: Every Saturday from August 1 to March 5 of next year, 10:00am to 6:00pm (not including August 15, and January 2).
Location: Kobetsu Kyoshitsu no Try (individual tutors), Kashiwa Station East Exit School (Kashiwa 3-chome), West Exit School (Asahi-cho 1-chome)
Eligibility: Single-parent households with children in elementary school grades 5 or 6, who are receiving Dependent Child Allowance, or who meet the income requirements for the allowance.
Education support details: Instruction for individual children or small groups 
Cost: Free
Application: Application forms are available at the Child Welfare Division (City Hall Annex, 3rd floor). Please fill out the required parts of the form, and mail it to 〒277-8505, Child Welfare Division, Kashiwa City Hall, or submit the form in person to be received by Wednesday, July 15.  

Start of Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificate ticket exchange, and the 2nd round of applications

Contact: Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificate Executive Committee Office - Phone: 7139-4040 or 4001

Gift certificate ticket exchange will begin - Don't miss the deadline!

Please bring the exchange ticket (the return post card) that was sent to your home, and head to the gift certificate sales location that you wish to use. You can purchase the gift certificates with cash. Please note that the exchange tickets are only valid for a short time.
Details: 1 set (gift certificates worth 13,000 yen) can be purchased for 10,000 yen. ※Gift certificates are valid until Thursday, December 31.
Exchange locations: 1.Sogo Kashiwa Main Building, 8th floor 2.Kashiwa Takashimaya Main Building, basement 2nd floor 3.Lalaport Kashiwanoha North Building, 3rd floor 4.Otsugaoka Chuo Shoten Kai shops association (In the Otsugaoka Space) 5. Hikarigaoka Shoten Kai shops association (office) 6.Sakasai Shoten Kai shops association (office) 7.Matsuba Kinrin Center 8.Takayanagi Kinrin Center 9.Toyoshikidai Kinrin Center
Exchange period: ▶1. to 3.=Until Sunday, July 12, 10am to 7pm  ▶4. to 9.= Until Sunday, July 5, 10am to 4pm

Discovering the charms of the new Kashiwa - A double-chance draw! About 2,500 people will be able to win prizes totaling 5,000,000 yen!

Winners will be chosen from those who have entered the double-chance draw, and various prizes unique to Kashiwa will be given, including Kashiwa's farm produce, travel tickets, Kashiwa Reysol Tickets, dining tickets, and more.
Entry: On the back of the gift certificates, there is a draw entry ticket. By Tuesday, July 21, please choose the category of prize you hope to win and fill out the required areas. Remove the front pages, and drop it in a draw entry box at one of the following locations: All Kinrin Centers, Kashiwa Information Center (Kashiwa Station South Exit, Family Kashiwa building, 3rd floor)
Prize categories: 1.Farm produce or farm experience 2.Sightseeing and leisure 3.Sports 4.Health 5.Gourmet 6.Products or gift certificates.
Announcement of draw winners: At the end of July, prizes will be sent out to the winners.
◎For more information on the prizes, please see the pamphlet that will be distributed with the purchase of the gift certificates, or visit the Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates Executive Committee homepage.

The 2nd round of applications for gift certificates has been decided! First-come, first-served!

Since the number of gift certificates purchased was less than expected, a second round of gift certificate purchase applications will be done. If you have already reached the limit for the number of gift certificates that can be purchased, you can also make another purchase application.
Eligibility: Those who are 15 years of age and older as of April 1, 2015, and living in Kashiwa City.
Details: 1 set (13,000 yen worth of gift certificates) can be purchased for 10,000 yen.
Application: From Thursday, July 16 at 8:00am, please make an application on the Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates Executive Committee homepage ※Up to 2 sets per person. Part of the application may not be able to be completed using a mobile phone screen.
Available for purchase: About 10,000 sets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
◎For more information, please see the executive committee homepage.
■How to enter
1.Entry reception
From Thursday, July 16 at 8:00 am ※Up to 2 sets per person. Entries will be accepted until the tickets are sold out.
【How to apply】
On the Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates Executive Committee homepage
2.Sales period
At the beginning of August
3.Validity period
From the date of gift certificate purchase until Thursday, December 31.



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