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Exchange tickets for Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificates will be sent

Contact: Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificate Executive Committee Office - Phone: 7139-4040 or 4041
After the applications are received, exchange tickets will be sent out at the end of June (using the reply postcard).
Hold on a second! : Don't throw out the reply postcard! If you have thrown out the reply postcard, you will not be able to purchase the gift certificates.

How to exchange the tickets: Bring the exchange ticket to the participating location you wish to use, and purchase the gift certificates.

Other: ▶If you have not received the reply postcard by Tuesday, June 30, please contact us.▶If you are ineligible, or if the application you filled out was incomplete, you may not be able to purchase the gift certificates. ▶There will be an additional application round. For more information, please see the July 1 edition of this publication.

◎For more information on how to purchase the gift certificates, please visit the Kashiwa City Premium Gift Certificate Executive Committee homepage (http://www.prechike-kashiwa.com), or take a look at the July 1 edition of this publication.

Exchange Tickets for Kashiwa City Child-Raising Support Vouchers will be sent

Tickets that can be exchanged for 2000 yen worth of vouchers will be sent out to eligible households that are raising children. If you have not received your exchange tickets by Monday, June 22, please contact the Child Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi-Ka) (Phone: 7167-1595).
Eligibility: Children who live in Kashiwa City, and are 3rd year junior high school age or under as of May 1st, 2015.
Exchange of tickets: From Wednesday, July 1 to Sunday, July 12, there will be 9 locations being run in the city. ※The times may be different depending on the location. For information on the locations and when they are open, please see the information that will be sent along with the exchange tickets.

The cost of thyroid gland ultrasound tests will be partially subsidized

Contact: Public Health Center (Hoken-jo), General Planning Division (Somu Kikaku Ka), Phone: 7167-1255
In Kashiwa City, in order to reduce concerns over early exposure to radioactive iodine, part of the cost of thyroid gland ultrasound testing will be subsidized. This thyroid test cannot be used to evaluate the effect of the accident at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant.
Registration period: Wednesday, July 1 to Friday, March 18 of next year. ※The tests will be done until March 31 of next year.
Eligibility: Those who meet all of the following criteria▶Registered residents of Kashiwa City at the time of the East Japan Great Earthquake, and on the thyroid testing date.▶Date of birth is between April 2, 1992, and April 1, 2011.▶Not currently being treated for a thyroid disorder.

●Cost of thyroid test


Cost of test

Subsidized by the city

Covered by the individual

Over 4 years, up to 6 years of age

8,200 yen

3,000 yen

5,200 yen

Over 6 years of age

6,820 yen

3,000 yen

3,820 yen

※For households receiving public assistance, the amount subsidized by the city is 6,000 yen.

●The process from registration to the time of the test



Have you had your test for the Hepatitis Virus?

Contact: Public Health Center, Adult Health Testing Division (Hokenjo, Seijin Kenshin-Ka) - Phone: 7164-3333
In Kashiwa City, free testing is being done for Hepatitis B and C, for those who have not had the test done previously. Make sure to have the test done to know whether or not you have contracted the virus.
Have the test done once in your lifetime:If you have contracted the virus and unknowingly leave it untreated, the disease can progress, and you can be at risk for developing serious symptoms such as cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer.
Date: Until Sunday, January 31 of next year.
Place: Designated medical facilities
Eligibility: Those who are currently registered residents of Kashiwa City ※Those who are ineligible for the test are as follows: ▶Those who have an appointment to have the same test done at a "ningen-dokku" comprehensive health check-up or a workplace health check-up.▶Those who have had the test done in the past▶Those who are undergoing treatment or observation for liver disease, or who have stopped treatment.
Application: Please send a postcard or letter to be received by Friday, December 25, to 〒277-0004, Kashiwa-shita 65-1, Kashiwa City Public Health Center, Adult Health Testing Division (Hokenjo, Seijin Kenshin-Ka). On the postcard, please write 1.Hepatitis virus testing, 2.your address and postal code, 3.your name in furigana 5.your phone number and 6.your date of birth.
Other: As of March 31, 2015, information and health testing tickets will be sent to persons 40 to 80 years of age, in 5-year age groups.

Cancer Testing: Early detection and early treatment are the key

Contact: Public Health Center, Adult Health Testing Division (Hokenjo, Seijin Kenshin-Ka) - Phone: 7164-3333
Have your cancer test done for yourself, and for everyone who supports you.
How to register: Use any of the following registration methods▶Use the Chiba Electronic Application Service (ちば電子申請サービス) from the city homepage▶send in a registration postcard available at the Health Insurance and Pension Division (Hoken Nenkin Ka - City Hall, main building 1st floor), Mother and Child Health Corner (Boshi Hoken Corner - City Hall, annex, 3rd floor), Shonan Branch Office and all Kinrin Centers and branch offices ▶apply in person at the Public Health Center, Adult Health Testing Division (Hokenjo, Seijin Kenshin-Ka) (Wellness Kashiwa, 3rd Floor).
Other: ▶Cancer testing is being done on an individual or group basis.▶You will need to register ahead of time for the test (once for each type of cancer test).▶If you have already registered, you do not need to register again for the cancer test you have done every year.

A list of the cancer tests in Kashiwa City for the 2015 fiscal year

Subsidy for the cost of improving the earthquake resistance of wood-frame houses

To keep building a community that is resistant to earthquakes, part of the cost of renovations for the earthquake resistance of wood-frame houses will be subsidized. Please be aware that an application must be made before the renovation work starts.
Application period: Wednesday, July 1 to Monday, November 30
Eligibility: Those who meet all of the following criteria ▶The home that you own is in Kashiwa City ▶The home is a detached home or multi-use home, built before May 31, 1981 with conventional construction methods. ▶The home received an earthquake resistance value of less than 1.0 after a regular evaluation or detailed evaluation.▶City taxes are not in arrears.
Estimated number of buildings: 10
Amount of subsidy: 1.1/3 of the earthquake resistance improvements design fee (up to 100,000 yen) 2.1/3 of the earthquake resistance improvement construction and work supervision costs (up to 500,000 yen)
Other: Please consult with the Architectural Guidance Division (Kenchiku Shido Ka) ahead of time, to confirm the eligibility of criteria, cost, etc, before making your application.
◎For more information, please see the city homepage, or contact us.
Contact: Architectural Guidance Division (Kenchiku Shido Ka) - Phone: 7167-1145

Don't forget the present situation report for childcare allowance

Information will be sent out to those who are eligible to receive childcare allowance (jido te-ate) and need to submit a present situation report.
The present situation report is a way to confirm the situation in which a child is being raised, and is necessary in order to receive childcare allowance. In this year's present situation report, there is an application column for the 2015 Special Benefit for Child-raising Households, so please be careful not to make any omissions when you fill in the form.
Submission deadline: Tuesday, June 30
Contact: Child Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi Ka) - Phone: 7167-1595

Spaces available for Kodomo Room temporary summer day-care

In order to meet day care demands while elementary schools are closed from Thursday, July 16 to Monday, August 31, children are being accepted for temporary summer day-care.
Opening hours: ▶Monday to Friday = 8:00am to 7:00pm (on Thursday, July 16 and Friday, July 17 from the time children are let out of school until 7:00pm) ▶Saturday = 8:00am to 6:30pm
Eligibility: Neither of the child's parents or guardians can take care of the child (elementary school students, years 1 to 6) because of employment, etc, and the household meets all of the following criteria ▶Working more than 16 hours per week▶The total of working hours for one month is over 64 hours. ※Children may also be accepted if the parent or guardian cannot take care of the child due to an infirmity (by consultation).
Cost: From Thursday, July 16 to 31 = 5000 yen for the month, August = 15,000 yen for the month. ※The cost of the day-care may be eligible for a tax exemption.
Application: Please apply at least 10 days before the day you would like the child to enter the day care. Application forms can be obtained from the After-School Day Care Division (Gakudo Hoiku Ka) at the City Hall Annex, 3rd floor, the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st floor), and each Kodomo Room day care. Please complete the required parts of the form, prepare the required documents such your certificate of employment, and bring it directly to the After School Day Care Division or the Reception Desk Service Division. You may also mail it to 〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, After-School Day Care Division (Gakudo Hoiku Ka). The postmarked date is valid. ※If there are more applicants than spaces available, priority will be given to children in lower grades and children with disabilities. The application form can also be downloaded from the city homepage.
Other: Extended day-care time is also available (7:00 am to 8:00). 100 yen per day.
Contact: After-School Day Care Division - Phone: 7167-1294


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