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Temporary benefits will be provided this year as well

Contact: Temporary Special Benefits for Child-raising Households hotline: 7167-9215, Temporary Welfare Benefits hotline: 7167-1192
To alleviate the effect of the increase in consumption tax for households raising children and low-income households, a temporary benefit subsidy will be provided this year as well. 

Temporary Special Benefits for Child-Raising Households

Eligibility: Those who, as of the specified date (May 31, 2015), received child-care allowance for June, 2015, or who meet the criteria to receive the child-care allowance. ※Not including special payments
Benefits: Each person eligible for benefits will receive 3,000 yen (to be paid around October).
Application deadline: Monday, August 31 (postmarked date is valid)
◎For those who did not have a residence card with a Kashiwa address as of the specified date, please contact the city, ward or town in which you were registered. 

How to apply

■Those who are already receiving child-care allowance
In the child-care allowance current situation report that will be sent out at the end of May, there will be an application section for the Temporary Special Benefit for Child-Raising Households. Please fill out this section along with the rest of the form, put it in the reply envelope, and send it in by mail.
Deadline to submit the current situation report: Tuesday, June 30 (postmarked date is valid)
■Those who will begin receiving child-care allowance starting in June, 2015
Along with the notice of approval for child-care allowance, there will be an application form for the Temporary Special Benefit for Child-Raising Households included. Please fill out the required parts of the form, put it in the return envelope and send it in by mail.
■Those who receive child-care allowance from their place of employment (public servants, etc.)
Please pick up an application form (with the receipt of child care allowance current situation section already approved) for the Temporary Special Benefit for Child-Raising Households from your place of employment. Fill out the required parts of the form, attach a copy of a document with the direct deposit information for your financial institution account including your name and the account number. Please mail the form to 〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Child Welfare Division (Kodomo Fukushi-Ka).

Temporary Welfare Benefits

Eligibility: Those who, as of the specified date (January 1, 2015), had a resident card registered in Kashiwa City, and were exempt from the 2015 fiscal year municipal tax (on a per-capita basis). ※The dependent family members of those who were required to pay tax, or those receiving public assistance are ineligible.
Benefits: Each person eligible for benefits will receive 6,000 yen.
◎For more information on how to apply, please see the July 15 edition of this publication.

Please be careful of "Bank Transfer Scams" for Temporary Benefits!

The city and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare do not, under any circumstances, ask for bank transfers for charges such as handling fees for the payment of temporary benefits.

City operated housing is accepting new tenants - Now starting limited-time rental units for households raising children

Contact: Tokyu Community Kashiwa City-Operated Housing Management Office (Kashiwa Shiei Jutaku Kanri Jimusho) - Phone: 7164-0245 (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), or Housing Division - Phone: 7167-1147

1. Regular city-operated housing/renovated housing
Eligibility: People who meet all of the following requirements:1.Applicants must be Japanese citizens, foreigners who are mid to long-term residents (limited to the requirements of permanent resident, spouse of a Japanese national, etc.), or special permanent residents.2.Must be a registered current resident in this city as of May 1, continuing to live in this city, and be experiencing difficulty with their current residence.3.Must be currently living with or intending to live with relatives (those who were born before April 1, 1956 may be living alone.) 4.Must not have unpaid city taxes. 5.Applicants or family members intending to live in the same household must not be members of organized crime syndicates.6.According to a fixed calculation method, monthly income must be A: Under 158,000 yen for regular city-operated housing B: Under 114,000 yen for renovated housing (For handicapped, elderly households, etc, A = less than 214,000 yen, and B = less than 139,000 yen) ※Calculated by subtracting the applicable deductions from the household's annual income amount, and dividing the remaining amount over 12 months.
2.Silver Housing (Regular city-operated housing with care of an elderly person)
Eligibility: Those who meet all criteria 1. to 6. (excluding  3.), are single residents 60 years of age or older, or where all household members are relatives 60 years of age or older, whose physical condition allows them to be able to cook for themselves.※Those who regularly require nursing care are ineligible for tenancy.
3.Housing with wheelchair accommodation
Eligibility: Households which meet all criteria 1. to 6., where the applicant or cohabitant has been issued a Level 1 or 2 Physically Handicapped Person's Handbook (Shintai Shogaisha Techo), and uses a wheelchair.
4.Limited time tenancy for households raising children
Eligibility: Of the households which meet all of criteria 1. to 6., the households consisting of a husband and wife under 40 years of age including the applicant, with children in the 6th year of elementary school or under (there will be a condition of a 10-year tenancy).

◎Points which apply for type of housing 1 to 4
Application: By Monday, June 15, please fill out all of the required parts of the application form, and mail it in the designated envelope (applications postmarked on that day are valid). Applications are available at the Housing Division (Kashiwa City Hall, Main Building, 4th Floor), the Shonan Branch Office (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), Takayanagi Kinrin Center, Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, and the Tokyu Community Kashiwa City-Operated Housing Management Office (Kashiwa Shiei Jutaku Kanri Jimusho) (Kashiwa 4-chome). ※One application per household. If there are many applications, tenants will be selected by draw.

City-operated housing with rental units available

Be sure to get a medical check-up once a year! Kashiwa City National Health Insurance check-ups・Kashiwa City Over-75 check-ups

Contact: Insurance and Pension Division - Phone: 7164-4455
Health check-up tickets will be sent out at the end of May to those who are eligible. Please choose one check-up method from individual check-up, group check-up, "ningen-dokku" detailed check-up, or "nou-dokku" brain check-up, and have your check-up done.
Eligibility▶Specific check-up = Those who are enrolled in Kashiwa City National Health Insurance, and will be 40 to 75 years of age by March 31 of next year. ▶Over-75 check-up = Those who are residents of Kashiwa City, and have a Chiba Prefecture Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Treatment insurance card (including those who are 65 years of age and older who have a Chiba Prefecture Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Treatment insurance card).
◎For more information, please take a look at the information included with the health check-up tickets.


Individual Check-Up

Group Check-Up



From June to the end of January next year ※Only group check-ups will also run on Friday, February 12


Participating medical facilities

Amuser Kashiwa, Chuo Hoken Center and Shonan Hoken Center 

(both public health centers), Wellness Kashiwa

Participating medical facilities

Items to 

be tested

Physical measurements, 

blood pressure measurement, 

urine test, blood test, etc.

Physical measurements, blood pressure measurement, 

urine test, blood test, etc. 

(at health centers and Wellness Kashiwa, 

testing for tuberculosis, lung cancer, 

and colon cancer may be done upon request)

In addition to the items tested in the individual 


more detailed tests are also done 

(may differ depending on the medical facility)




▶Tuberculosis and lung cancer check are 300 yen separately 

※Free for those over 65

▶Colon cancer check is 400 yen separately 

※Free for those over 70

The city will cover 10,000 yen, and the remainder 

will be covered by the individual.


Please call the participating 

medical facilities

Please call the Health Insurance and Pension Division

Please call the participating medical facilities

●December and January are very crowded, so please try to have your check-up done by the fall.
●If you are enrolled in a medical insurance program other than Kashiwa City National Health Insurance or Chiba Prefecture Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Insurance, please contact your insurance provider.

Municipal and prefectural tax notices will be sent out

Contact: Regarding the content of the tax payment notice - Citizens' Tax Division, 7167-1124
Regarding tax payment methods - Payment Receipts Division, 7167-1122
The tax notices will be sent out by mail on Thursday, June 11. The deadline (for the first payment period or the full payment method) is Tuesday, June 30.
In addition, municipal and prefectural tax certificates for the 2015 fiscal year will be issued from Thursday, June 11. Please be aware that, for those who have not yet completed a tax return, tax certificates cannot be issued on the same day.

Extension of home mortgage deduction, and increase of deduction limit

The applicable time period for the year of residence for the home mortgage deduction has been extended to December 31, 2017, and the limit to the deduction amount that can be used for the residence during the applicable time period has been increased. This can be applied to individual residence tax starting from 2015 (the period of the deduction is 10 years).
Eligibility: Those who meet all of the following criteria:▶Those who have moved in to their home between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2017.▶Those who are receiving a home mortgage deduction on their national income tax▶Those who have an eligible home mortgage amount remaining after the national income tax deductions were made.

Changes to the deduction amount for the residential tax for income from allotment and transfers of stocks, etc.

Regarding the income from the allotment and transfer of listed stocks, (special tax withholding selected account, "gensen-choshu-sentaku-tokutei-koza"), the deduction amount from the residential tax amount for the allotment and transfer of stocks will be 5% if a voluntary tax return is made. (The amount for the 2014 fiscal year was 3%.) 

For all entrepreneurs: Individual residential tax special collection will be done thoroughly

For paying employers who have an obligation to withhold national income tax at the source, there is also an obligation to do a special collection of residential tax. The special collection will be done thoroughly from the 2016 fiscal year in Chiba prefecture and the cities, towns and villages in the prefecture, so please be prepared.
◎For more information, please check the Chiba prefecture homepage and the Kashiwa City homepage.



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