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Tickets for Kashiwa City National Health Insurance Special Checkups and Over-75 Checkups will be sent out by mail at the end of May

 When you receive your health check-up ticket, please choose one checkup from individual checkup, group checkup, "ningen-dokku" intensive checkup, or "nou-dokku" brain checkup, and have the checkup done.
Contact: Health Insurance and Pension Division - Phone: 7164-4455
Checkup time period: June to January of next year
Details of physical examination: Physical measurements, urine test, blood test, etc.
Eligibility: ▶Those who are 40 years of age and older who are registered in Kashiwa City National Health Insurance (pink or purple health checkup ticket) ▶Residents of Kashiwa City who have a Chiba Prefecture Late-Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Insurance certificate (yellow health checkup tickets)
Cost: ▶Individual health checkup and group checkups = no personal cost ▶"Ningen-dokku" intensive checkup and "Nou-dokku" brain checkup = the city will cover 10,000 yen of the cost (the difference will be covered by the individual). ※If the checkup is taken outside of the scheduled checkup time period, you will be responsible for the full cost.
◎For more information, please see the information enclosed with the checkup tickets.

The location of the Kashiwanoha Service Corner will be changed

 The Kashiwanoha Service Corner branch office of the Kashiwa City Hall will be moving to another location in the same building on Monday, April 20th. Please be aware of the change when you use the branch office.
Contact: Citizens' Division - Phone: 7167-1128

Former Location

Wakashiba 173-8 Kashiwanoha Campus 151 Area SB-6

New Location

Wakashiba 173-8 Kashiwanoha Campus 151 Area SB-4


Changes to the 65+ Nursing Care Insurance Amount

 In Kashiwa City, the "6th Stage Kashiwa City Senior Citizens' Iki-Iki Plan 21" has been decided on for the fiscal years of 2015 to 2017. This plan will be reviewed every 3 years, and the required nursing care insurance amount will be decided based on the revisions to the nursing care insurance system.
◎For more information, please see the Kashiwa City homepage, or the "Kashiwa Nursing Care Insurance" flyer enclosed in the morning newspaper on Sunday, June 14th.
Contact: Senior Citizens' Support Division - Phone: 7167-1134

New Yearly Insurance Amount

Large-scale repair work will be under way

During the scheduled time of the repair work, part of the facilities listed in the chart will be unavailable for use. We apologize for the inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.
Contact: Central Gymnasium (Chuo Taikukan) = Sports Division - Phone: 7191-7399
Kinrin Center = Community Support Division - Phone: 7167-1126


Time Period

Facilities that will be closed

Central Gymnasium (Chuo Taikukan)

Until mid-August

Shower rooms, change rooms, toilets, meeting rooms 
※a temporary toilet will be available

Hikarigaoka Kinrin Center

September to mid-December

Part of the rental facilities

Hokubu Kinrin Center

During November

Physical activities room

Tanaka Kinrin Center

June to October

Part of the parking lot, toilets 
※a temporary toilet will be available

Nishihara Kinrin Center

June to August

Fuse Kinrin Center

Eirakudai Kinrin Center

Toyoshikidai Kinrin Center
 (including the gymnasium)

June to October

Part of the parking lot

Shintomi Kinrin Center

June to September

Shindenhara Kinrin Center

September to December

Mid-May to August

Japanese-style Rooms 1 and 2

Make sure to dispose of garbage correctly

 In the city, to recycle resources and preserve the environment, plastic packaging and recyclable items are treated as precious resources as they are sent through the recycling process. For efficient and effective recycling, and to protect the safety of those who work with the recycling process, it is necessary to separate the garbage properly. As many of us start a new job or new school in April, please take a fresh look at how to recycle your garbage.
Contact: Waste Policy Division - Phone: 7167-1140
■Please refer to the Garbage Separation and Disposal Calendar
 The Garbage Separation and Disposal Calendar is available at the Kashiwa City Hall and at "Kinrin" Community Centers. With advance notice, you can pick up up to 20 copies of the calendar. ※The Garbage Separation and Disposal Calendar may be downloaded from the Kashiwa City Hall homepage.
■Do not mix other materials or soiled items in the paper recycling
 Flyers with items such as free shampoo samples attached, and magazines left in plastic bags can interfere with the recycling process. Also, paper containers that are soiled with oil from foods such as cake or pizza cannot be recycled. Please put soiled paper out with the combustible garbage.
■Do not put medical waste items out with the regular garbage
 Waste items from at-home medical treatment such as syringes and intravenous tubes have been found mixed with the plastic container recycling. If needles, blood, and medications are mixed in with the recycling, it can not only lower the quality of the recycled product, but it also puts the recycling workers at risk for injury or infection. When you dispose of these medical items, please place a pick-up request with the medical facility from which they were distributed.

The cost of earthquake resistance evaluation will be subsidized

 Part of the cost of earthquake resistance evaluation will be subsidized for a building which you currently own. If you would like to receive the subsidy, please apply before the evaluation is done.

Wood-frame houses

Eligibility: Those who own homes which meet all of the following criteria ▶Wood-frame homes built by conventional methods, and for which construction was started on or before May 31st, 1981 (detached homes or multiple-dwelling homes) ※Only buildings which did not have an addition built on or after June 1st, 1981.▶2 or fewer floors above ground
Subsidy amount: 2/3 of the cost of earthquake resistance evaluation (the amount will be rounded down to the nearest 1000 yen), up to 40,000 yen.
Application period: Friday, May 1st to Friday, December 25th
Other: Only wood-frame home earthquake resistance evaluators who have been registered with the city may perform the evaluation.

Privately owned condominiums

Eligibility: Management union representatives for condominiums which meet all of the following criteria ▶Condominiums for which construction was started on or before May 31st, 1981. ▶The number of floors above ground is 3 or more, and the total floor space is 1000 square meters or more. ▶The structure must be either steel, steel-reinforced concrete, or steel and steel-reinforced concrete. ▶The residential floor space must be more than 1/2 of the total floor space ▶The drawings and specifications for the structure must currently exist ▶Decisions regarding the earthquake resistance inspection and subsidy application will be done at the management union general meeting.
Subsidy amount for preliminary inspections: 2/3 of the cost of earthquake resistance evaluation (the amount will be rounded down to the nearest 1000 yen), up to 34,000 yen
Subsidy amount for actual inspection: 2/3 of the cost of earthquake resistance evaluation (the amount will be rounded down to the nearest 1000 yen), up to 1,000,000 yen
Application period: Monday, June 1st to Friday, September 25th
◎For more information, please visit the city homepage, or contact the Architectural Guidance Division - Phone: 7167-1145

Financial support system for starting school

For households with children attending public elementary schools and junior high schools in the city, and that are facing difficulty for financial reasons, financial support is being provided for entering school. If your situation is approved, you will be exempted from school lunch fees, and part of the cost of school supplies and school trips will be subsidized.
◎For more information regarding how to apply, etc, please take a look at the notice for the Financial Support System for Starting School (就学援助制度) which is distributed at the school.
Contact: Schools and Education Division - Phone: 7191-7367


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