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Changes starting in April

1.Changes to part of the city organization
Contact: Administrative Reform Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-1118
Starting from April 1st, part of the city's organization will change. The main changes are as follows.


Division Name

Details of Changes

New Division

●Local Medical Treatment 

Promotion Office 

(Chiiki Iryo Suishin Shitsu)

(In the Kashiwa Chiiki Iryo Renkei Center)

The name has changed from the Welfare Policy Division, 

Home Medical Treatment Support Office. 

The division promotes at-home medical treatment 

in the communities.



●Corporation Guidance Division 

(Houjin Shido Ka)

 (City Hall Annex, 2nd Floor)

An integration of part of the Nursing Care Basic 

Preparation Division, to reinforce the guidance and 

inspection system.

●Fire Department Guard Division 

(Fire Department, 3rd Floor)

Integration and reorganization of the Information 

and Command Division

●Fire Department District One Division 

Headquarters, District 2 Division 

Headquarters (Fire Department 3rd Floor) 

Integration of the command duty of the Safety 

Management Division and the Fire Department, 

and fortification of the command system 

and fire incident investigation system.

2.An entrance fee will be charged at the Former Yoshida Residence Historical Park
Contact: For the designated superintendent = Administrative Reform Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-1118
Regarding the park entrance fee = Park Managment Office - Phone: 7135-7007
A designated superintendent has been selected to manage the facilities. The entrance fee will also cover the maintenance and preservation of the cultural assets.
Designated superintendent: Kashiwa City Midori no Kikin Fund
Designated time period: April 1st 2015 to March 31st, 2022.

■Park Entrance Fee


Usage Fee 

(1 entrance per person)




(20 or more)


200 yen

160 yen

▶For entrance other than regular admission, 

presentation of ID is required.

▶A disabled person with one caregiver may 

both enter for free.

High school/

university student or 60+ years of age

100 yen

80 yen

Junior High School age and under/

Disabled persons


3.Construction work to provide earthquake resistance for the Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Citizens' Culture Hall) is complete
Contact: Citizens' Culture Hall - Phone: 7164-9141
The Citizens' Culture Hall has been closed for one year for construction work to provide greater earthquake resistance, and is now getting ready for its grand opening on April 1st.
The large hall has been reinforced to provide greater earthquake resistance, and the seats have been changed. Also, the stage lighting and acoustic equipment has been changed for both the large and small halls. The space has become even more comfortable to enjoy music and stage performances. We hope that you come out to enjoy the hall as center for art and culture.


▲The newly renovated Citizens' Culture Hall

4.The location of the Takayanagi Station West Exit Bus Stop has been changed
Contact: Transportation Policy Division - Phone:7167-1219 Chiba Rainbow Bus - Phone: 0476-47-3610
To fit in with the area around the Takayanagi Station West Exit Plaza, the "Takayanagi Eki Nishi-Guchi" bus stop will be changed beginning Monday, April 13th. The Chiba Rainbow Bus runs between Takayanagi Station, Shiinokidai and Goka Station.



▲Change and progress on the west side of Takayanagi Station

Being eco-friendly in your own home

Contact: Environmental Policy Division - Phone: 7167-1695

There has been a 70 percent increase in the amount of CO2 produced by private homes in the city compared to 25 years ago. If this continues, we will continue to contribute to the global warming which affects our city and the entire planet. Let's do what we can to help control global warming.

■The Kashiwa Eco-House promotion general subsidy system
In order to promote the development of eco-friendly houses in the city, part of the installation or construction fees will be subsidized by the city.



What is an Eco-House? ...a house that uses as little energy as possible, and meets its energy needs with natural, renewable energy, lowering the amount of CO2 generated.
Eligibility: Those who meet all of the following requirements: ▶Living in Kashiwa City▶No city taxes in arrears▶The owner of their own residence, who have family members living with them▶Those who can complete the installation of eligible equipment, and complete the issued application by Monday, February 29th of next year.
Eligible residences: Single-family homes or units of apartment complexes in the city that do not have any building infractions or non-compliant structure.
Building contractors: 1., 2., 4., 6. = contractors with head offices in the city (4. with offices in the city) , and corporations or independent operators, 3.= Corporations or independent operators, city gas operators, etc with offices in the city,5.= Contractors with technical skills to install the required equipment.
Eligibility: After the construction is complete, the application form distributed by the Environmental Policy Division (City Hall Main Building, 4th Floor) must be completed, the required documents must be collected, and the application must be presented in person at the same division by Monday, February 29th of next year. ※The reception of applications will close when the budget has been reached. The application form can be downloaded from the Kashiwa Eco-Site homepage.
◎For more information on each point in the following list, please see the Kashiwa Eco-Site homepage.

■The Kashiwa Eco-House promotion general subsidy system at a glance


Subsidy Amount


Low Energy Use

1.Eco-Window upgrade

※Excluding new buildings

1/4 of the installation cost 

(up to 100,000 yen)

Reduces heat transfer through the window, 

and improves air conditioning and heating efficiency

Energy Creation

2.Solar panel installation

40,000 yen per kW 

(up to 120,000 yen)

Converts solar energy to electrical energy

3.Household fuel cell cogeneration system 


Up to 100,000 yen

Generates electrical energy and heats water 

from city gas or LP gas fuel

Energy Storage

4.Storage battery

Up to 100,000 yen

Continually generate and store electrical energy, 

to be used in case of power outages.

5.Electric vehicle battery recharging equipment

Up to 50,000 yen

Recharge electric vehicle batteries, 

and supply energy from the electric car to the house.


6.Home Energy Management System 


Up to 10,000 yen

※Up to 30,000 yen 

if installed as a set with 2.

Automatically calculates and displays the energy usage 

amount for the household to visualize energy usage

※Also includes energy measurement devices

Revision of "Kei" light vehicle tax rate

With the revision of the kei-jidosha (light vehicle) tax rate, four-wheeled light vehicles that are newly registered on or after April 1st will fall under the new tax rate. Scooters and motorcycles, and other small motorized vehicles will have a one-year extension, and the applicable tax rate will change from the 2016 fiscal year.
Contact: Citizens' Tax Division - Phone: 7168-1612

Days on which the Shonan Kominkan is closed

The building will be closed for inspection.
Closures: April 6, May 18, June 8, August 3, October 19, November 16, December 7, February 1 of next year, and each Sunday, and during the year-end and New Year's holiday (Tuesday December 29 to Sunday, January 3 of next year)
Contact: Shonan Kominkan - Phone: 7192-1111

April Events

On April 4, 5, 11 and 12, there will be a temporary shuttle bus running to Akebonoyama Agricultural Park. The bus departs from bus stop 5 at the Kashiwa Station West Exit starting from 8:50am. (Fare: 290 yen)

Sakura Festival

Schedule: Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5, 11:00am to 3:00pm
Place: Akebonoyama Park
Events: Kashiwa Goldenhawks Cheer-Dance Show (April 4), a performance by the Kashiwa Municipal High School Brass Band Club (April 5), and free "amazake" drinks for the first 500 visitors.
Other: You can check whether or not the event will be held on schedule starting at 8:00 am on the event day - use the telephone guide at 0180-991-055.
Contact: Kashiwa City Tourism Association - Phone: 7162-3315, or the Commerce and Industry Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-1141
Good to know: The stage event by the Kashiwa Goldenhawks on April 4 is from 12:15 to 1:00pm. Come on out for a fantastic stage event by the hometown team! While the sakura cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you can see them at night too from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Tulip Festival

Schedule: Saturday, April 11 and Sunday April 12, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Events: Sales of locally grown produce and local specialties, food stands, a performance by the Kashiwa Municipal High School Brass Band (April 11), and a tea ceremony at Hakusentei (April 11).
Location and Contact: Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Phone: 7133-8877
Good to know: You can see a beautiful combination of about 160,000 tulips and violas in the area in front of the windmill. In the flower garden, there is a hidden character "花", which means flower in Japanese. See if you can find it!



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