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There are now more, convenient ways to pay your city taxes 

  In addition to the convenience store and credit card payment method that has been in place up until now, you will also be able to use internet banking and mobile banking starting in April. You will be able to make your payment anytime, 24 hours a day.
Contact: Payment Receipts Division - Phone: 7167-1123

New, convenient ways to pay

● Pay Easy 

  Payments can be made by internet banking or mobile banking with your computer or smartphone. Just use the number written on the payment slip with the Pay Easy logo. You can also make your payment using an ATM with the Pay Easy function.
Contracts that must be made prior to payment: Internet banking or mobile banking contracts with a financial institution designated by the city. (Payments at an ATM do not require a contract)
Applicable city taxes: Municipal and Prefectural Tax (standard), Property Tax and Urban Planning Tax, Light Motor Vehicle Tax

▲Payment slips with this logo are eligible

● Mobile Regi 

  You can make your payment anywhere easily and conveniently using your smartphone or mobile phone camera to read the bar code at the bottom left part of the payment slip.
Contracts that must be made prior to payment: ▶Internet banking or mobile banking contract with a financial institution that allows the use of Mobile Regi. ▶A special application must be downloaded
Applicable city taxes: Municipal and Prefectural Tax (standard), Property Tax and Urban Planning Tax, Light Motor Vehicle Tax, National Health Insurance Tax (National Health Insurance Amount is ineligible)

▲Payments can be made with just a few easy steps

《Common points》 

  If you need a tax payment certificate immediately, please make your payment at a reception desk or by another method. ▶A receipt will not be issued (Receipts will be sent by mail only for Light Motor Vehicle Tax that has a "sha-ken" automobile certification)
◎For more information, please contact us, or visit the Kashiwa City homepage.  

There will be changes to the zones where bicycle parking is prohibited 

  Changes have been made to the zones where bicycle parking is prohibited around the Tsukuba Express stations.
Zones with no-parking area changes: Kashiwanoha Campus Station and the Kashiwa Tanaka Station area
Other: Starting from Friday, May 1st, bicycles left in the changed zones will be removed.
◎For more information regarding areas where bicycle parking, etc is prohibited, please check the Kashiwa City homepage.
Contact: Transportation Facilities Division - Phone: 7167-1304


Dog registration and rabies vaccination 

  Dog owners have a legal obligation to register their dog once in its lifetime, and have their dog vaccinated against rabies once a year. Please make sure to get this done at the registration and vaccination event nearest you.
Contact: Public Health Center, Life Sanitation Division - Phone: 7167-1259 

Date, time and location: As specified in the separate table.
In case of poor weather, the event will be postponed, and done on a different date. You can call to confirm whether the event will be running on schedule.
Eligibility: Dogs in good health, 91 days old and up.
Cost: ▶New registration = 6,500 yen per dog (registration and vaccination fee) ▶Dogs already registered = 3,500 yen per dog (vaccination fee)
What to bring: The notice that will be sent out by mail in March ※Not required for new registrations.
Registration: Please come directly to the event to register.
Other: ▶You will be required to fill out your dog's medical information sheet, and bring it with you. ▶If you had a vaccination done at a veterinary clinic, please complete a notification at the Public Health Center, Life Sanitation Division (Wellness 3rd Floor), the Reception Desk Service Division (Shonan Building, 1st Floor), or the Animal Welfare Fureai Center. ▶If you have moved from another city, town or village, please bring your dog license and complete a change of address form. ▶If your dog is in estrus, pregnant, nursing, going to the vet regularly for treatment, has any health concerns, or has received another vaccination within one month, please consult with your veterinary clinic beforehand. ▶Dogs that cannot be controlled by their owner may not be able to receive a vaccination. ▶Please come prepared to clean up after your dog.▶Please refrain from coming by car. ▶If you are planning to take your dog overseas, please have the vaccinations done at a veterinary clinic.

Community Child Raising Support Center

Koala and Rakko Community Child Raising Support Centers 

  The Community Child Raising Support Centers are places where parents or guardians can bring their infants, and expectant mothers can come to meet. Day care workers will also be available to address child-raising concerns and give advice. 

●Open floor
  You can come in to use this service any time you like, so feel free to join us!
Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Eligibility: Pre-school age infants and their parents or guardians, and expectant mothers.
●Information exchange and a chance to make friends
 Schedule: ▶Infants age 0 and expectant mothers: Tuesdays ▶Infants age 1: Thursdays ▶Children age 2 and up: Fridays
※It is also possible to bring in children of different ages in on the set schedule days.
  Events: Children age 0 to 3 years can be brought in along with their parents or guardians, as well as expectant mothers, to join in quiet games, storytime and exercise.
  Support for activities in child-raising groups in the city, child-care advice and lectures (classes and parent-child craft events, etc.) will also be held as needed.
◎For more information, please contact either support center.

Community Child-Raising Support Center Koala (in the Sakaine Nursery School) - Phone: 7172-2001
Community Child-Raising Support Center Rakko (In the Tomise Nursery School) - Phone: 7131-0179

●Community Child-Raising Support Center "Pokka-Poka" 

The room is open for children and their parents to come in and play as much as they like. You can also join in fun activities such as story-time and movie-time.
Schedule: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location and Contact Information: Child-Raising Support Center "Pokka-Poka" (Otsugaoka 3-chome) - Phone: 7191-1920

You can also join in at private nursery schools and kindergartens, and child centers 

There are also child-raising support centers at the private nursery schools, kindergartens and child centers near you.

Center Name Nursery School Name Phone
Kids Square Hikari Rinpokan Hoikuen 7135−3715
Ohisama Club Hananoi Hoikuen 7197−7710
San San Taiyo Kumi Kensekido Sakura Hoikuen 7166−7374
Hi-Ma-Wa-Ri Kashiwanoha Hoikuen 7134−4774
Yuu Yuu Minami Takayanagi Hoikuen 7192−3745
Oikake Ko Kashiwa Kobato Hoikuen 7131−4515
Pengin Kumi Yoshinozawa Hoikuen 7100−2200
Makoto Chan Kashiwa Sakasai Hoikuen 7172−3939
Sacchan Chi  Oota Hoikuen 7131−2795
Ashibina Kita-Kashiwa Eki-Mae Hoikuen Warabi 7166−7355
Petit Cocofump Cocofump Nursery Kashiwanoha 7137−0860
Kurumi Salon Kurumi Yochien 7144−1647
Step Kashiwa Chuo Hoikuen 7147−3922
A-So-Bo!  Kashiwa Midori Hoikuen 7192−6548
Shikoda Jido Center 7145−2522
Toyoshikidai Jido Center 7144−5363
Takayanagi Jido Center 7190−1348

Kashiwa's Memories (Final Edition) 

  In this corner, to get to know more about Kashiwa through history from its citizens, a series will be published every month on the 15th for one year.
  Let's follow along as we celebrate 60 years of memories for Kashiwa City this year.  


  "It is only a short journey from Tokyo, and it brings a pleasant surprise like an enchanted land enclosed in the mountains. The beautiful scenery of Teganuma even surpasses that of Inbanuma." These are the words of a leading travel writer after a visit to Washinoya. The writer's travels around Japan were recorded in the document called Oomachikeigatsu.
  Kashiwa City itself has changed dramatically since it was established as a city in 1954, but as it followed it's path in history, Teganuma, the area north east of the city center, changed along with it. Teganuma has become a favorite spot for rest and recreation, so let's take a look at its history.
  Teganuma is the closest natural lake to the Tokyo area. The lake is surrounded by countless marshes called ("Yatsu"), which have supported people's day to day life. From old records from the middle ages, we can see how villages such as Fuse, Tega, Yanado, Izumi, and Washinoya came to be as the marshland was developed into rice paddies. In more modern history, Teganuma became famous for eel and ducks, and satisfied the appetite of gourmet connoisseurs in Edo.
    Although the reclamation of the land around the lake in modern history faced a series of failures, it changed with the arrival of recent times, and with the help of a government plan to focus on more food production using factories and machinery.
  With the natural scenery in the area, an idea came about near the end of the Taisho era that the Teganuma area should be used as a sightseeing and tourist resource. It was thought that the area should be used for its proximity to Tokyo, and seriously considered for purposes such as boat races for the Olympics, or to draw tourists as a spot for Disneyland. However, with the period of rapid growth after the war, and the subsequent population growth in the basin area around the lake, an environmental problem was created. Teganuma became synonymous with water pollution, and with the loss of the beautiful natural scenery, the plans for tourism disappeared. Currently, with the progress of initiatives such as the Kita-Chiba Waterways Project, the area is drawing people to visit Teganuma as a new park along the water.

▲「Illustration of Teganuma」 from the first year of the Hoei era

 ◎This is the final installment of Kashiwa's Memories. From time to time, this kind of item will be published, so we can continue to show you the best parts of Kashiwa. Thank you for one year of history.



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