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Don't let the memories of March 11th fade away - what we can do to stay prepared for a disaster

Contact: Disaster and Safety Division - Phone: 7167-1115
Nearly four years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Even in Kashiwa City, a seismic intensity of upper 5 was recorded, some buildings were damaged, and over 2000 people were stranded, unable to come home from work or school.
From this earthquake disaster, we have gained a heightened awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation. Even if a disaster should occur, let's make sure we are prepared to make calm decisions and take effective action.

What we can do to stay prepared for a disaster

❶ Hold a family meeting
The most important thing is to have each and every person preparing themselves (becoming self-reliant). Let's prepare for a disaster, and talk regularly with each other at home and at work about disaster prevention and mitigation.
❷ Reserve a stockpile of food, water and household medicine
You will need a stockpile of at least 3 days worth of food and drinking water. To make preparations part of our day to day routine, we can leave the bathwater in the bathtub without draining it. That way we have an emergency supply of water. Don't forget to make preparations at work too!
❸ Check for safety in and around your home
In the bedroom, or rooms with children or elderly people, check to make sure the furniture and appliances are secure, and not about to drop or fall over. Don't put things in the doorways or hallways, and make sure that you have an emergency escape route.
❹ Participate in the disaster prevention drills in your area
It's a good idea to communicate with people on a regular basis, and get to know the faces of the people in your neighborhood. Why not try joining in a disaster prevention drill?
❺ Make sure you have a way to contact your family members
It can be difficult to get a connection on your mobile phone in the event of a disaster. Make sure you know how to communicate using the Disaster Message Dial Service (171)!
❻ Check the route to the evacuation area
In order to be able to get to the evacuation area safely, make sure to check out a number of routes on a regular basis. Keep in mind that during a disaster, no one is going to be there to guide you.

Rules to follow in an emergency "Don't start to run around recklessly...take action calmly"

When a large crowd of people all start to go home at once, there is a danger that some people will be injured by fire, or from debris falling from buildings. There is also a risk that crowds will get in the way of rescue efforts, so let's keep in mind the following points.
▶First of all, make sure of your own personal safety.
▶Remain in a safe place, such as your workplace or in a shopping facility.
▶Use the disaster message service to check on the whereabouts of your family members, or check that your home is safe.
▶Get traffic information and damage reports.

Introducing multiple-use tickets for city-operated bicycle parking lots

Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, as all city-operated bicycle parking lots (except bicycle parking lots with a designated superintendent) become available for temporary use, multiple-use tickets will also become available for purchase.
【Ticket sales locations】 Transportation Facilities Division (City Hall Main Building, 4th Floor), and the 16 city bicycle parking lots with a representative on duty such as Kashiwa Station East Exit Lot 1 and West Exit Lot 1.



Ticket books (for 11 uses)

Temporary use


1,000 yen

100 yen

Motorized Bicycles

2,100 yen

210 yen


3,100 yen

310 yen

※Valid for 24 hours from the time you enter the lot. Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Tickets are non-refundable.
Other: If the bicycle parking lot you wish to use is full, please use another lot.
Contact: Transportation Facilities Division - Phone: 7167-1304

Applications for health-related service tickets for 2015 Kashiwa City National Health Insurance and Latter Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Health Insurance

In Kashiwa City, a book of 8 tickets (each ticket has a value of 1000 yen subsidy) per person are being issued for the following health-related sevices. Applications will be required for each year, and tickets to be used from April will be issued starting Monday, March 2nd.

Eligibility (those meeting either of the following criteria)

●18 years of age and over as of March 31st, 2016, and registered in Kashiwa City National Health Insurance.
●Living in Kashiwa City, and registered in Chiba Prefecture Latter Stage Elderly Medical Treatment
※In either case, the tickets will not be issued if the insurance amount (referred to as the unpaid portion of "insurance tax" in certain areas) for 2014 or earlier has not yet been paid.



Number of tickets that can be used

Acupuncture and Massage Treatment

Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Anma, Massage, and Shiatsu

With the presentation of one ticket, the cost of treatment at each 

facility will be discounted by 1000 yen. 

※One ticket may be used per day. Tickets may not be used when 

the treatment is covered by insurance.

Oral Hygiene

Removal of biofilm (a film of bacteria), tobacco tar and stains, 

denture and bridge residue, and guidance for brushing teeth.

※Please make an appointment at a designated dental clinic

1 to 4 tickets can be used towards a cost of 4000 yen 

(the difference to be paid by the individual)

※Check-ups covered by insurance cannot be done on the same day.

Medical checkups for people aged 18 to 39

For people aged 18 to 39 (as of March 31st, 2016), health 

examinations will be done to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses. 

【Examination period 】: June to January of next year.

※A separate health exam ticket is required. After you receive 

your usage tickets, please call the Health Insurance and Pension 

Division to apply.

1 to 8 tickets can be used towards a cost of 9050 yen. 

(The difference is to be paid by the individual)

●When you use the tickets, please bring your health insurance card.

Facilities where tickets can be used

A list of facilities will be distributed with the usage tickets.
※You can also check the participating facilities on the Kashiwa City homepage.


Bring your Kashiwa City National Health Insurance card or Chiba Prefecture Latter Stage Elderly Medical Treatment Insurance card, and go in person to 1.the Insurance and Pension Division (City Hall, Main Building, 1st floor), 2.the Reception Desk Service Section (Shonan Building, 1st floor), 3. the Kashiwa Eki-Mae Administrative Service Center, or 4. any of the branch offices.
▶ Mid-March Applications: For the applications received, usage tickets will be mailed in April. ▶ Applications made in and after April: Applications made at location 1. will generally be issued the same day. (They may also be mailed during April). For applications made at locations 2. to 4., tickets will be mailed at a later date.
※If you would like anyone other than yourself to pick up the tickets issued at the city hall, please contact us beforehand.
Contact: Insurance and Pension Division - Phone: 7164-4455



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