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Municipal and Prefectural Tax, and National Income Tax Returns will be accepted from Monday, February 16

Receipt of returns for Municipal and Prefectural Tax, and National Income Tax will begin on Monday, February 16th. This return is the form where the situation of your income is declared for 2014 (January 1st to December 31st, 2014). The deadline for tax returns is Monday, March 16th, however the reception desks become very crowded as the deadline approaches, so please submit your return early.
Contact: Citizen's Tax Division - Phone: 7167-1124, Kashiwa Tax Office - Phone: 7146-2321

For municipal and prefectural tax returns, please go to the city hall  

Who needs to file a tax return?

People who meet the following criteria 1 or 2 must file a tax return.
1: Those who live in Kashiwa City as of January 1st, 2015, and whose total income is greater than the following amounts.
・If there are no dependent family members = 315,000 yen
・If there are dependent family members = 315,000 yen x (number of dependent family members + 1) + 189,000 yen.
2: Those who do not live in Kashiwa City as of January 1st, 2015, but have an office, place of business or own real estate in Kashiwa City (including those whose family members live in Kashiwa City separated from the income earner who lives in another place).

Please note the following points

▶Those who meet the following criteria do not need to file a return = those who file a final tax return at the Tax Office. Those who receive a salaried income only, and whose employer has submitted a notice of salary payment to the city hall (please check with your employer whether or not this has been submitted). Those whose only income is public pension, and do not need to add any deductions.
▶Those who do not meet either of criteria 1 or 2 (including those who receive a non-tax payment pension such as a surviving family members pension or disability pension). However, a tax return may be necessary if you need to be issued a Tax Certificate or calculate your National Health Insurance amount.
▶If you receive income from a public pension, and require an insurance deduction other than the deduction for the social welfare insurance amount taken from the pension, or if you have not submitted a declaration of independent family members to a pension payment organization (Japan Pension Service, etc.), and need to add in a deduction for a spouse or dependent family members, please submit a municipal and prefectural tax return.

How should I file a return?

The tax return forms for municipal and prefectural tax will be sent by mail at the end of January to those who filed a return last year. After referring to the enclosed filing procedures, please complete the required parts of the tax return forms. You can also create a tax return form on the city homepage. The completed forms must be received by Monday, March 16. Please mail them to 〒277-8505, Kashiwa City Hall, Citizen's Tax Division, or bring them in directly to one of the tax return areas listed on the attached tables 1 and 2.
※For those who need a copy of their tax return, please make a copy before you submit it. If you send it in by mail, and you need to receive the form stamped "proof of receipt" at the top, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with an 82 yen stamp.

■ Table 1  Municipal and Prefectural Tax Return locations in Kashiwa City (tax return creation guidance by computer and reception)



Reception Times


Monday, February 16 to Monday, March 16 

※Excluding Saturdays and Sundays

City Hall, Main Building, 

1st Floor Lobby

9:00 to 11:30 am, 

and 1:00 to 4:00 pm

※If it becomes crowded, 

the reception desk 

may close early.

◎Those who are filing a municipal and prefectural tax return.

◎Those who are submitting simple returns such as the following

▶Salaried income earners who have already completed a year-end adjustment, and who will receive deductions for medical expenses.

▶Those who left their place of employment part-way through the year, and have not completed a year-end adjustment.

▶Those who receive a pension, and need to complete a tax return.

Monday, March 2 to Monday, March 16 

※Excluding Saturdays and Sundays

Shonan Building, 

1st Floor Lobby


■ Table 2  Free tax return consultation from the Kashiwa Branch of the Chiba Certified Public Tax Accountant's Association, and reception desk



Reception Times


Tuesday, Feb. 3



9:30 to 11:30 am, 1:00 to 3:30 pm

※If it becomes crowded,

 the reception desk may close early.

◎Those who will file a municipal and prefectural tax return

◎Small-scale tax payers that will file a national income tax return for income tax, 

consumer tax, or income tax for pensioners or salaried income earners.

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 

and Thursday, Feb. 5


Kinrin Center

Monday, Feb. 9, 

and Tuesday, Feb. 10


Kinrin Center

Thursday, Feb. 12 

and Friday, Feb. 13


Kinrin Center

※Please note the common points of Table 1 and 2 
▶The tax return area has been very crowded most years, so please leave yourself plenty of time when you come to file.
▶Please refrain from coming by car.
▶Guidance and creation of returns can not be done for returns with the following content. Please go directly to the Tax Office for guidance and to file your return.
●Returns done using the tax return form sent by the Tax Office. ●Tax returns for years other than 2014.
●Those filing a blue tax return. ●Tax returns for income depending on the sum of earnings from business operations, agriculture or real estate. ●Tax returns reporting profits and losses from the transfer of land, homes, stocks, etc. ●Tax returns reporting various losses from the East Japan Great Earthquake. ●Tax returns for consumption tax and donation tax. ●Tax returns for the deduction for new mortgages (special deduction for housing loans). ●Tax returns for foreign residents or deceased persons. ●Tax returns including special items other than those listed here.

Necessary documents for tax returns – Please check before you come in to file a return!

※ These are the documents and other items that are required for both municipal and prefectural tax returns, and final national tax returns. Items 1. to 4. cannot be copies.

【Documents that show the amount of your income 】
1.Tax certificate slips (“gensen-choshu-hyo”) for income or public pensions.
2.Payment records, etc. for other earnings or compensation (if you have income other than in part 1.)

【Documents that show the amount of your deductions 】
3. Insurance amount deduction certificates (National Pension Insurance, life insurance, earthquake insurance, etc.)
4.Receipts from medical costs
5. If you have been compensated for medical costs, bring documents which show the amount (hospitalization benefits, high-cost medical expenses, etc.)
6.Receipts for bill payment for National Health Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Treatment System Insurance, etc.
7.Disabled Person's Handbook (for those who receive a disability deduction)

8.Inkan name stamp (personal seal)
9.Documents showing your account number (under your own name) for your financial institution (for those who are filing a final national tax return only
10.Writing instruments (ball-point pen), calculator

Go to the Tax Office to file a final tax return for national income tax

Who needs to file a tax return?

If the total amount of your income is greater than the total amount of your income deductions, you will need to file a return if the following criteria apply to you.
◆If you have income from business operations, agriculture, real estate, etc.
1. Those who have an amount remaining after subtracting the deduction for dependents, the basic deduction, and other income deductions from the total amount of all types of income for 2014, and a remainder from the subtraction of the allotted deductions from the tax amount calculated based on that amount
2. Those who sold property including real estate such as land (leased) or buildings, golf club membership, etc.
◆If you are a company employee, or otherwise have a salaried income
1.Your salaried earnings amount for 2014 was over 20,000,000 yen
2.If you earned a salary from one place, and your total earnings from sources other than your salaried income or severance pay were over 200,000 yen
3.You earn a salary from more than 2 places, and the amount of your income from sources other than your salary or severance pay that was not in the year-end adjustment was over 200,000 yen
4.You are an executive or family member of a family business, and other than the salary from the family business, you received payments for interest on loans, the rental charges for shops, factories, etc. or usage charges for machinery and tools.

How do I file a return?

◎If you file your return directly at the Kashiwa Tax Office
Date and time: Monday, February 16 to Monday, March 16, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ※Excluding Saturdays and Sundays, however the reception desk will be open on two Sundays; February 22, and March 1.
Other: You may also submit your return by placing it in the after-hours document receipt box next to the main entrance of the Kashiwa Tax Office. The parking lot at the Kashiwa Tax Office will be unavailable until the middle of April.
◎If you mail your return
The completed tax returns must be received by Monday, March 16. Please mail the completed return with all required information filled in to 〒277-8522 Kashiwa Tax Office. For those who need a copy of their tax return for a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with an 82 yen stamp.


Convenient ways to make your tax return

1.National Tax Agency Homepage
You can create your return using the Final National Tax Return Creation Corner and submit it to the Tax Office.
2.The National Tax Electronic Return and Tax Payment System (e-Tax) can be used to create a national tax return and submit payment using the internet.
The tax return you create on the National Tax Agency homepage can be submitted as-is with an electronic signature. There are a few advantages to submitting your return electronically. It is not necessary to attach documents, and you can get your refund more quickly ※Please note that the electronic certificate will be valid for 3 years. For more information, please visit the e-Tax homepage, or call the Tax Return Creation Corner Help Desk – Phone: 0570-01-5901.

Points to note when creating your final national tax return

1. Filling in the section related to residential tax
If the second chart of the national tax return for “items related to residential tax” applies to you, please make sure to fill in all items correctly. If you do not fill in this section, you may not be able to receive allotted deductions such as deductions for transfer of stocks, etc. or tax amount deductions for donations.
The deduction for dependents under age 16 (born after January 2, 1999) has been discontinued. However, the number of dependents is required to calculate the non-taxable limit amount for residential tax, so please fill in the number of dependent family members under the age of 16.
In addition, there is a space titled “Choice of collection methods for residential tax relating to income relating to income other than salary or public pension”. Please choose the method you wish to use. If this space is not filled out, the municipal and prefectural tax will generally be collected from your salary (salary deduction).

■ Final National Tax Return Form Table 2 (Form A)


2. What is the content of the Public Pension, etc.?
The “Public Pension” on the national tax return is not only referring to the pension provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (National Pension and Welfare Pension), but it also includes the corporate pensions such as the following.
For example: The national and local public servants cooperative association, the public and private school teachers cooperative association, corporate pension association, welfare pension fund,  national pension fund, and any Company Corporate Pension Fund, etc.

■ Final National Tax Return Form Table 1 (Form A), upper left area


Answers to frequently asked questions

Example: The pension is the only source of livelihood
Q: The public pension is my only source of livelihood. Do I have to file a tax return?
A: If your pension income is under 4,000,000 yen, and your income from sources other than public pension is under 200,000 yen, you do not need to file a national tax return. However, even in this case, if income tax is collected from the source, you may be able to get a tax refund by filing for medical expense deductions.
If you do not file a national tax return, your municipal and prefectural tax will be levied according to the pension payment report submitted to the city by the pension payment organization. If you have deductions that you need to add, or if you have income from sources other than your pubic pension, you will need to file a return for your municipal and prefectural taxes.

The “Zone 30” traffic regulations have begun

Contact: Road Maintenance and Repair Office – Phone: 7167−1402, or the Kashiwa Police Department – Phone: 7148-0110
The Kashiwa Police Department has designated the area around Kashiwanoha 1 to 3 Cho-me as “Zone 30”. (Please refer to the figure below.)


What is “Zone 30”?

In order to make the streets in the community safe for pedestrians and cyclists, there is a speed limit of 30km/h set in certain areas, and road markings will also be added. These measures have been put in place to control the speed and through-traffic on our community roads.

 The city’s first “Zone 30” will be starting in regulated areas

In this area, some of the community roads are used as school roads, but they have become short cuts for the main roads. To make sure the roads are safe for the local people in these areas, the “Zone 30” regulation has been put into action.
If this regulation brings good results, this project will continue to progress for areas with a concentration of community roads, in cooperation with the Kashiwa Police Department.

To all drivers

・The entrance of Zone 30 is indicated with a regulatory sign or road markings as shown in the picture below
・ Please observe the maximum speed limit of 30km/h in Zone 30
・ Please refrain from cutting through areas in the zone.
◎ For more information, please visit the city homepage.




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