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New Year's Otoshidama Quiz

Let's try to spot the differences!
Question: Around the Teganuma neighborhood, children fly kites. In these two pictures that look the same, there are a few places that are different. How many can you find? Please choose from the following answers.
1.1 place 2.3 places 3.5 places 4.7 places


A grand total of 88 people will receive fabulous prizes!

(A) Kashiwa Reysol Goods (Tumbler) - 5 people
(B) JX-ENEOS Sunflowers Goods (Tote bag) – 3 people
(C) Hitachi Sunrockers Tokyo Goods (T-shirt and official yearbook set) – 1 person
(D) Hitachi Sunrockers Tokyo Goods (Neck-warmer towel and official yearbook set) – 1 person
(E) Kashiwani Goods (Mascot doll) - 2 people
(F) Sakasai-kun Goods (Saka-Cider - Realistic Strap Set) - 5 people
(G) Shonan Sentai ☆ Tega-Rangers Goods (Cosmic☆Club and Shonan Sentai ☆ Tega-Rangers Collaboration CD) – 3 people
(H) Akebonoyama Agricultural Park handmade miso and umeboshi set - 3 people
(I) Kashiwa Blend Tea Gift Set - 2 people
(J) Michinoeki Shonan Gift Certificates (worth 1000 yen) – 10 people
(K) Kashiwa Curry (Kashiwa Keema Curry / Bone-in Chicken Curry Set) - 3 people
(L) City Administration 60th Anniversary Commemorative Frame Stamps - 25 people
(M) Tosho Bookstore Card (worth 500 yen) - 25 people

How to apply

By Tuesday, January 13th, please send in a postcard with your answers to the New Year's Otoshidama Quiz (choose one from 1. to 4.), and the prize you hope to receive (choose one from A to M). Please also include your opinions and impressions of the current Koho Kashiwa publication (good points, bad points, etc.), the kind of articles you would like to read or projects you would like to see in future issues of Koho Kashiwa. Write down your address, name, age, and phone number, and send the card to 〒277-8505 Kashiwa City Hall, Secretarial and Public Relations Division to be received by the deadline. ※One prize per person for each application. The winners will be drawn from the postcards with the correct answers, and the selected prizes will be awarded. Prizes will be sent by mail to the winners of the draw.
Contact: Secretarial and Public Relations Division - Phone: 7167-1175

Citizens' Advisory Office

In the city hall, the advisory desk for foreign residents is open according to the following schedule.

Day and Time: English: Thursdays, Chinese: Wednesdays and Fridays, Spanish: Wednesdays, Korean: Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. The opening hours are from 1 to 5 pm for each day.
Location: Kyodo-Suishin-Ka (Cooperative Promotion Division), Kashiwa City Hall, Main Building, 3rd Floor.
Contact: Cooperative Promotion Division - Phone: 7167-0941

For an outline of each of the other advisory desks, please see the ■ List of advisory desks.

List of advisory desks



所在地 柏市柏一丁目7番1-103号 Day Oneタワー3階
電話番号 04-7167-0941
ファクス 04-7165-7323