A Showcase of Kashiwa's Industrial Site

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Kashiwa Tokyo

To the next generation of industry leaders...Welcome to Kashiwa City!

Kashiwa City...great access and only 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo.

A industrial promotion project is starting up right here on a massive scale.


Bringing development to Japan,Launching industry in creative and stylish space,Expanding business into new fields,Enriching and growing the foundation of enterprise,Bring the big dreams you have...and watch them come to life in Kashiwa's industrial area.

Three main points of Kashiwa

Ideal access, right next to the center of Tokyo.

Just 30 minutes from the Tokyo city center. Direct access to a hub of research facilities in Tsukuba.

A direct access bus also connects you to both Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Narita Airport.

With the established research and development area, this location has created the ideal conditions for business.


A core of prominent research facilities in Japan

World class research facilities are concentrated here, including the University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus, and the National Cancer Center ...

Facilities for the advancement of business are also located here, including the Tokatsu Techno Plaza for venture business development, the Todai Kashiwa Venture Plaza, andthe Kashiwanoha Open Innovation Lab (KOIL).

In addition to the formation of an excellent environment for joint research, the area has developed the ideal conditions for fostering its "Intellectual Goldmine."

An outstanding living environment and a rich natural area.

The wide expanse of flat land has led to the growth of a spacious residential area, and a center for some of the leading commercial facilities of the Tokyo capital area.


The many parks in the suburban area offer a wealth of natural beauty.

With this outstanding living environment, working people can be assured of a rich, fulfillng lifestyle.


For information, please contact:

Kashiwa City, Economy and Industry Department, Commerce and Industry Promotion Division




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